Baba Family Meeting Summary – 25 Dec 16

On Christmas Day, Sunday 25th December 2017, our cup overflowed with inspiring Chat guests: David Raffo of Portland Oregon spoke about his twenty year quest to compile the biography of Baba’s close woman mandali Khorshed Irani – which she requested him to do. The book will be published sometime next year by Sheriar Press. Asha and Sudam Wagh, who care for Khorshed during the last 20 years of her life when she resided at Meher Nazar (Trust Office compound, originally the property of Khorshed’s aunt Gulmai and uncle Kaikhushru) were present to chime in with extra details and coloration, and some stories of their own.

They will return on 15th January!

Mrs. Krishna Veni of Hyderabad share her very touching story of having Baba’s darshan at the East-West Gathering. Sitarama Swamy of Hyderabad also told of his amazing experiences of seeing Meher Baba first as Lord Shiva. He spoke in a very fascinating and heartfelt way of others’ experiences of Meher Baba’s ways of revealing His Godhood to His lovers.