Baba’s Letter to Manek Mehta about Choosing a Plan

((The following letter, from pages 8-9 of Circular #4, helps clarify the bases on which Meher Baba wanted individuals to chose one of the Plans of the New Life. – vshr))

A communication by hand of Patel was also sent to Adi Sr. with instructions that Adi Sr. should send to Mr. Manek D. Mehta the same along with a printed copy of the three-plan Circular. The communication reads:

Dehra Dun
13th Feb. 1950

“Manek Mehta (one of the ‘Yeswala’):

Read carefully the attached three plans of New Life and after careful consideration, you decide in which plan you will be able to fit in yourself 100%, and as soon as you decide, you must let me know about your final decision, so that it may be circulated to all along with the usual diary of New Life

“Before deciding, pay proper attention to the following:

  1. According to answer ‘yes’ to the Original Conditions and your oath of 31st August 1949, you will join the New Life on and from 1st January 1951.
  2. When you join the New Life on 1st January 1951, you will be the New Life companion of Meher Baba by accepting any one of the three plans attached herewith.
  3. Although you will find that Plan I consists of three sections, you will have to fix your attention only on section C of this plan. As for sections A & B, the printed Circular attached, will make the situation clear to you that now only section C of Plan I is open to you along with Plans II & III.
  4. If you decide to join Plan III, then it must be quite clear that you will have to abide by the original conditions 100%.
  5. Abiding by the Original Conditions 100% includes:—

    • (a) Your being sent away as “faultwala.”
    • (b) Your being sent away as “faultlesswala” given proper instructions.
    • (c) I can order you to go and lead the new life in Plan I Section B or Plan II without giving any capital that is required for these plans.
    • (d) I may constantly keep you with me or may make you stay at any place indefinitely giving special instructions.
    • (e) You must always be in good mood and be cheerful.
    • (f) You must never entertain any doubts under any circumstances. Under no circumstances you should lose your temper and express anger.
    • (g) In short, according to the Original Conditions to which you have signed ‘yes,’ you must be prepared to execute immediately without least hesitation and without any argument any orders (ordinary or extraordinary) that are given to you.

    “Taking into consideration all these facts, you decide for yourself whether you will happily and with 100% sincerity fit into Plan I section C or Plan II or III.

    “For Plans I & II there are fixed conditions from the original conditions. Also there will be NO interference from me and no day-to-day orders.

    “In Plan III the Original Conditions will be binding on you every moment of your new life.

    “If you accept Plan III, then as per previous understanding your family will be sent maintenance as long as you are in Plan III and are not sent away as

    “If you accept Plan I-C or Plan II, then it rests with you to maintain yourself and your family from 1st January 1950.

    “No sooner you join New Life in either Plan I-C or Plan II, then after looking to your and your family maintenance, whatever you can spare, you must send to me that spared amount for the New Life.

    “While replying to me to the following address, you should not write to me anything, nor try to explain your situation, but simply and clearly say which plan you have decided to join.

    “Address your answer to:

    Meher Baba
    C/o Keki Narawala,
    36 Lytton Road,

    Sd. M. S. Irani”


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