Bhau – 05 Oct 13 (Debjani via MULe)

Date sent: Sat, 5 Oct 2013 22:02:12 +0530
Subject: Bhauji’s Health October 5, 2013
From: Debjani Ray

Jai Meher Baba!

I am told that the name “Kalchuri” means “One who steals time and
becomes immortal.” (Kal = time, churi = thief)

As such, once more Bhauji is recovering and his pulse, blood pressure,
temperature and oxygen intake is now within normal range. He required
glucose and as a result is taking insulin once more to compensate for
high blood sugar level.

He is alert and responsive, though resting much… as always.

About a week ago there was much happiness when Bhauji was able to pick
up a glass (with his left hand) and take gulps of water independently
of other´s help. He even tried to do the same with his right hand!
All cheered! Sunday evening, visitors were dancing and singing and

And yet, his health remains fragile. He was taken to Noble Hospital
due to difficulty with eating as a consequence of reaction to

Bhauji would wish to send his love to all in response to all prayers,
love and fond wishes for his well being.

In Baba´s Love and Service,


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