Bhau – 07 Sep 13 (Debjani via Medical Update list)

(by email from the Trust Medical Update list (hereinafter “MULe”. heh, heh, heh!), 07 Sep 13:)

Jai Baba dear Baba-family,

Rest assured that Bhauji is in the best of care under the
loving attention of his family and medical specialists.  
Dr. Kalani; kidney specialist is in charge with Dr. Sonomnai;
Colon Cancer Specialist and Dr. Kandekar; heart specialist
also involved in insuring his best care.

I have visited Bhauji and he is looking strong and vibrant.  
The caregivers who look after him daily are also noting his
increased vitality.  Baba’s presence is definitely surrounding

It is believed that the infection was caused by the central
IV coming loose.  A prior wound is also considered to be

By orders of the medical specialists it is requested that
there continues to be NO VISITORS.  Bhauji is vulnerable
to infections and repeated occurrences are debilitating.  
Please respect the doctors’ and the family’s wishes,
allowing Bhauji to heal.

Yesterday, his cultural report and drug sensitivity report
was received and further decisions are being made based
on these reports, under Dr. Kalani’s full observation.  
Sheela is keeping an eye on everything.
Sheela wishes to acknowledge and offer thanks to not only
the medical staff, but also to those who have donated
blood, those who have helped with various needs that crop
up and especially to his caregivers.

The caregivers are Amir, Rahul, Hoomaya, Pooneh, Hooyar,
Pooyar,  Siamak, Shiva and Yohann. If she has missed a
name, she apologizes.

The blood donors are Peter Weiner, Judy Stephens, Flint
Mednick, Siamak Bahadori, Shiva Mohammad and Michael
MacDonald.  Many others have generously offered to give
blood.  Sheela appreciates all these kind offers and no more
offers are now required.  

They are awaiting the doctor’s decision on the appropriate
time to utilize the donations.

Sheela wishes to add that “there were strong reasons” for
the changes she had to make. She alone takes full
responsibility for all the decisions she has made as to
Bhauji’s further care and will respond to queries once Bhauji
is in stable condition and she can be free to do so.  

She further requests that Mehernath has much Trust
responsibilities, and as she takes full responsibility for
Bhauji’s care, please don’t trouble the family members
unnecessarily, including Bhauji’s wife and grandchildren.

Finally, I wish to personally say that the decision to share
Bhauji’s health reports independently of the Trust was to
ensure the best possible means to share Bhauji’s health
updates internationally and simultaneously to abide by the
necessary guidelines of the Trust.  

It is Baba’s Trust.  His wish and Will is the foundation of
the Trust.

Sheela wants all to know that prayers, good thoughts and
wishes, and remembrance of Baba can never be anything but

In Baba’s Love and Service,
Debjani Ray


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