Bhau – 10 Oct 13 (Debjani via MULe)

Medical updates
Oct 10 at 7:49 PM
Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Dear Baba Family,

Bhauji was shifted to ICU at Jehangir Hospital in Pune early
morning yesterday, October 9th. No visitors are allowed.

Sheela reports that the best of care was taken during the
journey and also upon arrival. Mehernath and Arjang stayed
with Bhauji in the ambulance and Sheela and David followed
in a car.

As one can understand, the family was distraught, and Sheela
prayed to Baba during the entire two hours journey. Saying
such things as “Baba, You helped me always when You were in
physical form. I know that You are still helping, but
please give me a clue about what You want me to do. Look, I
am right here! Baba, You treat Bhauji. You take care of
him.” And such things she prayed continuously for the two

Upon arrival at the hospital they were greeted with
heart-warming news. The doctor in charge of Bhauji already
knew who Bhauji is through Sheela’s daughter-in-law Akansha.
Akansha Metha Fenster, wife of Adeem Fenster is President
of Emergency hospital in America. She asked for a leave to
come and see Bhauji in India and was invited to attend a
medical conference in Kerala (South India) while here.

The doctor in charge of Bhauji’s care will be giving a talk
at that same conference and he was honoured to be able to
attend to Bhauji. He immediately took charge, shifted
Bhauji to a better room and within 5 minutes, all
registration and set-up was done. The level of expertise
from such top doctors and staff, with advanced level of
hygienic and care has put Sheela’s and the family’s mind at

How Baba answers prayers and gives a ‘clue’ just when one
needs it, is what Sheela wanted to convey. She was full of
Baba’s praise and with great relief and joy she believes
that Bhauji is going to get better. Baba is supervising
Bhauji’s care.

I conveyed to Sheela how people were praying for him,
putting roses on the Samadhi and she was greatly touched.
She said, “Thank you, thank you.” Again and again.

Thank you all for the patience, heart’s love and prayers
united in Baba’s Love.


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