Bhau 11 Oct 13 (Debjani via MULe)

Oct 11 at 11:22 PM
Jai Meher Baba dear Baba family,

Sheela reports that Bhauji is doing better. He’s opening
his eyes, looking at everything and responding with “shiny
eyes and he looks nice.” Because of “tubes going through
his mouth”, he cannot speak, but he responds with nods and
expressions when asked about pain, etc.

The standard of care ‘in one of the best hospitals in Pune’
is naturally higher, and Sheela is very happy with the level
of hygiene. They clean the wounds and change the dressings
more often, they use sterilized equipment, cleaning them
with each use and they know how to irrigate colostomy.

Bhauji’s oxygen level is improving. “60% he is taking and
the rest they are giving”. This is 10% improvement since
yesterday. There is no urinary infection. They are giving
antibiotics only for an old wound which is causing recurring

The family is presently meeting with a plastic surgeon and
they hope that by fixing this particular wound, they can
alleviate the tendency towards further infection.

There was a query regarding whether there was an error in
stating “President” instead of resident in my prior email.

CAL/EMRA President & Board Representative: Aakanksha Mukesh
Mehta, MD

Sheela wanted me to convey that Bhauji is being cared for by
Baba and whatever happens is under Baba’s Wish and Will.

In Baba’s Love and Service, Debjani

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