Bhau – 12 Jul 13

Date:  Saturday, 13th July 2013
Subject: Bhau Medical and General Updates from Friday, 12th July 2013

The Trust Compound
Meher Nazar
King’s Road
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


From: Dr. Gavin Elliott and Nurse Malinda McCulloch

Dear Bhauji remains stable with gradual improvement.  The antibiotics appear to be doing their job; the infection appears to be under control.  He is still quite depleted from battling the infection, and sleeps much of the day.

There remain concerns about the status of his kidneys, and of course, he has a long history of heart problems.  We remain in guarded watch over his health, with measured optimism.



From:  Mother C (Janice [Creator])
On behalf of Bhau’s Team

Bhauji has felt the immense love pouring in from the Baba world during his present serious illness.  It has been magnified by the wave of emotion which engulfed all when false rumours that Bhauji had joined Baba on Silence Day Eve spread from Meherabad around India, to America, Australia, Iran, Russia, Nepal and elsewhere – through the silent net connecting those Caught in His Net.

Bhauji is alive! By Beloved Baba’s Grace, on Silence Day morning he showed clear improvement and his face had the radiance and sweetness well-known to Beloved Baba’s worldwide family.  Mehernath and Raj returned from America and joyfully greeted Bhauji soon after 7.:00 a.m.

A little later in the morning, Mehernath came rushing to Bhau’s office to request a notice be sent out – large numbers of pilgrims were phoning, texting, emailing and showing up at Mehernath’s office because they heard Bhauji had gone to Baba. 

Team members were receiving messages asking, “What time is the funeral?”

We were told that Jal was forced to break his silence at Meherabad to convince pilgrims among the 2000 present there that Bhauji was with us. 

Notices were posted at Samadhi, around Meherabad and at the Trust Compound, “Bhauji is alive…” “Bhauji is fine.” etc.

Busloads of people from Hamirpur, Beloved Baba’s “Heart,” and other places departed for Meherabad soon after they heard the unfounded news to salute their beloved friend and brother in Baba’s Love.

Today, Bhau’s daughter, Sheela, and her husband, David Fenster, their son, Amman, his wife, Stephanie, and newly-married Adeem and Aakanksha arrived from America to greet their dearest “Ba” or “Babuji” with relief and joy. 

They reported that the news had reached them in the U.S.A. and caused waves of shock, grief and disbelief.  Then Rama told them by phone: “But I am in his room, and I am looking at him, and he is all right.”

By Friday, Bhau’s other grandsons, Zubin and Jatin, will arrive, and Bhau’s whole immediate family from three continents will be gathered together.

The time is not yet, and that is all we know. 

Bhau remains in bed and is having IV antibiotics and fluids.  With the help of his Medical Team, local specialists, various consultants from near and far and a sweet circle of loving staff, friends and supporters, we are doing our best to give constant and proper care. 

In the last few days, he has been able to eat meals lovingly cooked and fed to him by dear Rama and Raj.  He is still very weak and in some pain but has become more interactive.

In a recent moment of wakefulness, Bhau uttered a beautiful and mysterious statement.

Someone asked, “Do you have any messages from the Known and Unknown Worlds?”

“Everything I know is that today I am in the Known World,” he replied.

“Can we do anything to make you happy?”

“I am always happy.”

Each morning on waking he has said, in a weak voice, something like, “I am feeling well…” or “I am all right.”

On Silence Day, 10th July, his Team greeted him with “Good morning.”

In an especially beatific way, he responded, “Good morning.”

Then, in a helpless effort to encapsulate all the deeply loving and touching messages, emails, and phone calls received from so many around the world, I said, “We all love you so much.  How do you feel?”

He answered with glowing eyes, a blissful smile and a tangibly warm wash of love, “I feel…so much.  I want more and more.”

Bhauji would send his “Jai Ho! Jai Ho!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Jai kar Ho!!!” to you all. 

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

In Beloved Baba’s Unfathomable Love,

Mother C


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