Bhau – 21 Jul 13

Subject: Bhau Update: Sunday, 21st July 2013
Date:  Sunday, 21st July 2013

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

From:  Dr. Gavin Elliott:

Bhauji continues slow but steady improvement in his health status.  We anticipate that due to the severity of the illness from which he is recovering, his progress will be slow.  Nonetheless, day by day he is more alert and interactive with his family, Team and those that get to see him during the brief periods that he is not too tired to receive those who love him.

From:  Bhauji’s Team

The love, messages, and prayers from Beloved Baba’s lovers around the world are happily received here at Meher Nazar and conveyed to Bhauji from time to time. 

Due to our concentration on Bhauji’s care, messages left in Bhau’s Chat Room (after the Inner-Net [the silent communication of the heart], this is the preferred method of relaying love greetings and get-well messages to Bhau), emails, cards and letters to him have not yet been acknowledged.

Please forgive us.

A more detailed general update will follow soon.

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

                *    *    *    *    *    *    *             

Personally, I don’t do chat, but for those who may want to, here’s how to get to Bhau’s chat room, from a recent message:

You can log into the text Chat Room at:

and then clicking on:

The Mandali Speak / Bhau Kalchuri / Sunday Bhau Chat

Or by directly clicking on:


The Inner Net has been there since beginningless time, it works quite well, and there are innumerable sources of spiritual transmission available on it. Meher Baba is there in person, so you might want to go to the source rather than Bhau Kalchuri, who has been pretty preoccupied with his own stuff (read: his family) lately. If you have trouble tuning in to Meher Baba on the Inner Net, go to Seclusion Hill in Meherazad, and take a small rock back home with you. That makes a trail through the spirit world that your spirit can use to tune in to Meher Baba when you’re on the Inner Net. Of course, none of this works without bowing down to Meher Baba’s Samadhi.

Jai Meher Baba


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