Bhau – 23 Sep 13 (Trust via MULe & Bhaulist)

Subject: A short update on Bhau’s health
Date:  Monday, 23 September 2013

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

By Beloved Baba’s Grace, dearest Bhauji is stable and
continues to improve while recovering from his serious
illness.  He remains at the home of his daughter Sheela and
son-in-law David Fenster in lower Meherabad after his
discharge from hospital on 13 September.

A few days ago the NG/Ryle’s tube was removed after many
weeks, as he is now able to eat small portions of food by

He remains aware and alert, and has become much more
talkative at times (especially in Hindi).  Also, his right
arm is moving more easily.  He has been able to sit in the
wheelchair for short periods.

He takes exercises every day for his legs, and sometimes
says, “Challo, challo!  I want to get up!

People that meet him say, “He looks great.  His face has a
good color!”  Or, “He remembered me!”

Bhauji’s family and team are very grateful for the many
loving prayers and messages received in Baba’s love.

Bhauji is ever resigned to Beloved Baba’s Wish and Will, and
is in His all-compassionate embrace.


Avatar Meher Baba Trust Compound
Meher Nazar


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