Bhau – 27 Aug 13 (Debjani)

Subject:  Bhau Update-Tuesday, 27th August 2013
Date:  Tuesday, 27th August 2013

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Jai Meher Baba!

There have been many inquiries, and Sheela would like all to know that she’s happy to answer all questions.  She wishes however, to focus on her father at present, and once she’s satisfied that she can give time and attention to all else, she’ll be happy to respond.

In the meantime, she has shared with me and Bhauji’s caretakers his lab reports which show remarkable progress.  She has taken samples to many labs to ensure accuracy.  She is making the details available so that the information is accurate.

There is no culture seen in 48-hour observation, biochemistry results are all within normal range, sodium just a bit low.  Blood Urea, Creatinine and Potassium is within normal range.  Urine analysis report is within normal range, with just a trace of proteins and sugar of 0.25 %. Bacteria is absent.

Bhau’s right arm and leg are not moving well yet.  He’s given physiotherapy four times a day so that he doesn’t get too stiff.  He still has some throat problems and cannot talk too much, but this also is improving.

He is alert and aware asking often to do some walking.

Once more, Sheela wishes to thank everyone and to sincerely express her appreciation for the love and prayers being sent to and for Bhauji.

In Beloved Baba’s Love and Service,



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