Bhau – 31 Jul 13

Subject: Bhau Updates-31st July 2013
Date:  Thursday, 1 August 2013

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

From: Gavin Elliott.

Bhau’s recovery has been slow and complicated by low-grade infections.  Nonetheless, he continues to have periods when he musters enough strength to greet a few Baba lovers and spend time with his family.

From: The Bhau Team

The heavens have opened today and it is raining and raining in Ahmednagar!

We apologise for the delay in any recent update.

We are happy to let you know that most of the messages sent through the internet chat of Sunday, 21st July and collected by Shiva (Lynwood) were read out to Bhauji during some of his awake and alert moments during the last couple of days.  He responded with clear interest and sweet smiles for this refreshing reminder of happier times spent with his worldwide Baba family.

Sadly, only a very few emails or bits of news have been relayed to him otherwise, as his health has not permitted.

The most we can usually say is, “Everyone loves you very, very much, and sends you so much love in Beloved Baba!”

In the last few days, however, Bhau has been smiling more and his face looks softer and sweeter.  He is sometimes talking a little, and even laughed once or twice.

Today, he gestured to Khanbahadur (Shaheen) and Sister Malinda, “Get me out of this bed!”

(“Sister” is the form of address for nurses in India, but Bhauji’s nickname for her is “Dr. Mummy Malinda” or “Shivaji Maharaj,” given when she used to appear in  turban head-wrap for early morning medical routines!)

It has been one month since Bhauji could not participate in his Chat of 30th June.

He has remained in bed since Monday, 1st July, except for short sittings in the wheelchair three to four days a week for routine medical treatment.  His strong team of four men caregivers, assisted by others from the Team, lift him ever-so-gently inside a bucket of bedding and he lands safely each time, by His Grace.  (We have benefited from Dr. Gavin’s teenage experience as a hospital orderly!)

Bhauji sits up in his medical bed for meals, and sometimes on the edge of the bed for brief periods, with support from three sides.

The days go by one after another in a round of Bhauji’s sleeping and waking, shiftings in the bed every two hours by his large team to prevent pressure sores, sponge-bathing, medical treatments, medications and massage, range-of motion exercises, meals, soups and herbal teas lovingly fed by his family members Rama (Maha) and Sheela, visits with Mehernath-Raj and three Babus  [grandsons]:  #1 (Amman), #3 (Zubin) and #4 (Jatin), occasional short visits from pilgrims, staff or Trustees, and sometimes brief gatherings of family and Team for prayers and arti in the room.

Everyone notes with wonder that Bhauji is an almost-infinitely patient patient.

Some of the family members who had gathered have had to return to their jobs in the USA – Babu #2 (Adeem) and his wife, Dr. Aakanksha, and Amman’s wife Stephanie.  Amman has remained here a while, as he has been partially able to continue his work commitments through the phone and Internet, but he has to depart on 2nd August.  Jatin has been able to defer his entry into a Master’s program in Australia until December, and “Dr.” Zubin (Juris Doctor – Australian PhD in law) remains here while applying for jobs in both Australia and India.  All the Babus give good company to their dear “Ba” and sweet support to all the family through their youth, helpfulness, and good humour (encouraging Bhau to get better and fit for a Boxing Match!)

There have been some happy conversations in front of Bhauji about the recent wonderful visit and hospitality received in the USA.

Dr. Gavin Elliott and Nurse Malinda, with excellent support from local doctors and “Chairman Doctor Shelley” at Meherazad have, under Baba’s Nazar, tirelessly and stalwartly been monitoring Bhauji’s health status, giving loving treatment, taking tests and lab reports, doing research and consultation as required – while remaining on call for 24 hours.  (Gavin is the Meherabad doctor while Dr. Anne is away and also attends the MPR Clinic each morning.)  Shelley has visited several times to give training and support from her background as a physical therapist and her long experience under Dr. Goher as a carer for elderly Mandali who were confined to bed for long periods.  Bhau’s daughter Sheela, a trained Ayurvedic doctor, has also been overseeing his medical care.

Dr. Anne returns from France in a few days.  (Bhauji calls her “Dr. Bhon” – a French sounding nickname for the Acutonics treatments she has given him twice-weekly for years, which he likes very much – acupuncture points are treated through sound waves with large ‘tuning forks’).

Dr. Gavin departs on Sunday, 4th August to resume professional commitments in the West.  Hats off to Gavin and Malinda for their timely and marvelous help in Baba’s love!  “Sister” Malinda will soldier on here. 

Although the official posting is “No Visitors,” almost every day, a few visitors have been allowed to slip in for a minute or two when Bhauji is awake for a simple “Jai Baba!” and loving smile.  Bhauji’s frequent response, on better days, is a sweetly smiling “Good!”  or “Jai Baba!”  On other days, he has the energy only for a nod of acknowledgement.

Yesterday, after such a long time, we gratefully heard him spontaneously say to Shiva and Fatima of Shiraz, “Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh!”

Also yesterday came Patricia from Mexico City (where she first met Bhauji).  She had not been here for pilgrimage since 2000, when she joined Bhauji on one of his Indian tours.  She was thrilled that Baba’s timing allowed her to greet Bhauji at the moment she landed in Ahmednagar, and then to jump on the bus to Meherazad.

Ted Judson (whom Bhauji calls “Architect”) keeps his many-years-running Tuesday morning appointment with Bhauji – formerly for Trust work, and now usually for an uplifting song session with his lilting soulful voice and guitar, with Bhau’s Team joining on chorus and harmony. 

Yesterday, after we softly sang through a series of Bhauji’s songs – “Now When I Even Hear Love’s Name,” “From the Wine of Meher,” “Come Soon” and “O Moon!” – Mother B (Barbara Brustman, recently arrived from Walnut Creek) commented, “That’s the happiest I’ve seen him since I’ve been here.” 

When Ted left, Bhauji gestured for us to call him back for one more – encore, encore! – and our hearts and voices joined in, “Don’t Go” and “Those Were the Days.”

Regulars King and Queen of Chicago (Jordan and Roberta) and newly-returned Queen of New York (Anna), Queen of Iran (Zahra), Goddess of Knowledge (Debjani), Pradeep, Ashok, small family groups from around India and others appear loyally and take a chance, sometimes waiting long hours for a few seconds to say Jai Baba or to be invited to join the family arti – other times leaving disappointedly yet cheerfully with no opportunity to join Bhau.

Mother Sister Mahoo made a flying visit to India on her return from her dear mother’s funeral in Iran (our loving sympathy in Baba to her and family) and visited Bhauji several times. 

Today, Trustees Jal Dastoor and Shridhar Kelkar paid a jovial visit, and Heather Nadel looks in often, quietly and smilingly. A few weeks ago, Ali Ramjoo (an elderly Trustee, and son of Baba’s Mandali Ramjoo Abdulla), touchingly came alone on the bus from Pune for a brief visit with Bhauji.

Last week Bhauji appeared to very much enjoy the visit of Flint Mednick (son of our Judy Mango [Mangold] of Myrtle Beach) with his five-and-half-year-old son, Indy (Indiana) – a Meherabad native.  Flint served as Bhauji’s caretaker and travel companion as substitute for Freeman some years back.  Flint’s brother Gabriel was taking care of Mohammed Mast, along with Erico, during those seasons when Bhauji would take groups of pilgrims to meet Mohammed for ‘blessings!’ and Mandali-mast banter.

Both Flint and Indy were dressed in bright red T-shirts and sat some distance from Bhauji on stools near the bed. But Bhauji gestured them to come closer so he could hear Indy’s cute and innocent talk.  Indy lost his shyness when he spoke about his little sister Aliya.  He imitated her baby talk sounds while sweetly squirming in his father’s arms.

All in the room took delight in the scene as Bhauji said to Indy, “I like your actions!”

From Bhauji we send:  “Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh!”  and “Jai Ho! Jai Ho!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Jai kar Ho yours!” and “AVATAR MEHER BABA KI JAI!”

In His Compassionate Love,

Bhauji’s Team.

The Trust Compound
Meher Nazar
King’s Road
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra India

* * * * *

Subject: Two Errors in Yesterday’s Bhau Announcements
Date:  Friday, 2nd August 2013

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


The name of David Fenster, Bhau’s son-in-law and Sheela’s husband, was inadvertently omitted from the list of family members who visit Bhau.


The correct (finalized-version) link for further information for these events should have read:

We apologize for this omission and error and ask your forgiveness.

The Worldwide Bhau Team


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