Bhau Kalchuri Passes Away (23 Oct 13)

Bhau Kalchuri Passes Away (Trustees via MULe, Bhaulist, and the MPR community BB at Meherabad)
Medical updates
Today at 2:29 AM

Avatar Meher Baba’s dearest Bhau, Baba’s intimate mandali
member and the Chairman of His Trust, passed into Beloved
Baba’s embrace on Wednesday, 23rd October 2013, at 11:17
p.m., faithful in love and service to his Master till the

Bhau went to Baba in the Jehangir Hospital ICU in Pune,
attended by his wife Rama, children Sheela and Mehernath,
and very close family. He was 87 years old, and passed away
due to a long illness complicated by recurrent infections.

Bhauji’s family, and all at Meherazad, Meherabad and Meher
Nazar join Baba lovers around the world in a united tribute
to dearest Bhauji’s unforgettable life. He was the last
remaining member of Baba’s Meherazad resident mandali, the
Chairman of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust, and the author of
numerous literary works about Meher Baba, including the
twenty-volume biography Lord Meher, written at Baba’s order.

Named Vir Singh Kalchuri and nicknamed “Bhau” (“brother” in
Hindi) by Baba, Bhauji joined Baba in 1953 after receiving
master degrees in Law, Chemistry and Agriculture. For many
years he served as one of Baba’s night watchmen and it was
during the hours of night watch that Baba first expressed
His wish that Bhau begin writing poem-songs in Hindi, and
later books and plays, for Baba’s pleasure.

After Baba dropped His body, Bhauji’s unique background in
Law and Public Administration proved to be invaluable, from
the early days of the Trust’s activities when Bhau became a
trustee, through the past 17 years when he served as
Chairman. Whether working day and night to solve a Trust
difficulty, answering a pilgrim’s question, resolving a
resident’s dilemma, or touring the Baba world in response to
invitations from Baba centres in India and abroad, Bhauji
gave extraordinary service to Baba through many different
aspects. Even during his last illnesses, despite great
discomfort Bhauji made efforts to give visitors his personal
attention, loving wisdom and lively sessions of witty humour
and song, as well as continuing his Sunday online “Chat”
which was looked forward to and enjoyed by Baba-lovers
around the world.

Bhauji’s achievements for Baba’s Cause were legion. But like
the men mandali who went before him, Bhauji will be
remembered and honoured by posterity above all because of
his loving, wholehearted, life-long surrender at the Feet of
the Avatar of the Age, Beloved Meher Baba.


= The Trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust
23 October 2013

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