Bhau Visits the Young Adult Sahavas – 31 Aug 13 (Debjani)

Subject:  Bhau Visits the Young Adult Sahavas
Date:  Saturday, 31st August 2013

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Jai Baba dear Baba-family,

Bhauji is continuing to improve, filling hearts with joy.

With great care, he was made ready this morning (Friday, 30th August) for a visit with the Young Adult Sahavasees.  Smiling with loving, happy eyes, he let his helpers run around him.  This is the first time in weeks that he was to sit and greet visitors.  Not knowing how strong he would be, it was arranged that he would come out into the veranda for just a few minutes and the Sahavasees would greet him from a distance.  Then their program would continue in his absence.

Even before he went outside, the singing began, and there was Bhauji being fed and drinking water to the tune of “Sat Chit Anand, Paramanand.”  Then Bhauji was taken outside and after a brief introduction by Sheela, who thanked his helpers (including those not present), Rakhi Sharma introduced the Sahavasees in groups.  As she called out localities, they waved at Bhauji who acknowledged them with gentle nods and a slight smile.

Then came such beautiful and wholehearted singing of one bhajan after another!  In delight, Bhauji gently swayed his head to the music and tapped his left hand, looking around at the various people surrounding him.  He was quite alert. A sweet infant was brought to meet him and Bhauji beamed!  The singing program ended with prayers of “Adi Sachaytana”.  Bhauji requested the Beloved God prayer.

Bhauji wanted to stay and he looked bright and alert; hence, what was to be a brief visit, ended up being over an hour long.  Mehernath shared stories of Meher Baba’s life in Hindi while the audience listened in rapture, laughing at the funny parts.

Even after Bhauji was wheeled inside, he wasn’t ready to lie down, so he watched the Sahavasees partake in cake and snacks from the window. At one point, Bhauji said “Guruprasad” and when this was mentioned to Sheela, she said, in amazement, the look of the window and the view was very much like Guruprasad!  Rakhi also said that the Sahavasees had gone to Pune and visited Guruprasad the previous day.

The Sahavasees were all beautifully respectful.  Those in charge, so lovingly made sure that everything was carried out smoothly.  It was a joyful event and it was lovely to see Bhauji so alert and lively.  It exceeded all expectations.

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


Meherabad, Maharashtra, India


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