Bhauji Updates

((Editing on 4 Feb 14, 2116 hours – I am so happy to have been able to transfer this group of files from the old Meher Chowk blog, about Bhau’s health status during his final months. July 12 to October 23, 2013 – what an ocyssey! I still haven’t recovered, and doubt that I ever will finally recover. All of these files are official documents. I have kept my own opinions out of this record, although you will find some of those in the material listed (somewhat later) directly on the “From Meher Chowk” major navigation page.

This was the most important material recorded on Meher Chowk, and as time goes on, like Eric Nadel’s death in 2009, it will be necessary to go back and take a closer look at what transpired around Bhauji during the last months of his life, July-October 2013. Most of that drama is not directly written here, but what is here is effective starting points for a deeper investigation – details that jog our memory, and information about which doctor(s) and other staff were present at which stages, and so forth.

And of course, there is also a lot of story material of a general and interesting nature as well. I myself have not yet read most of this in a relaxed mood, and I know that what that means is that I just have never even seen about 80% of the real information that is here.

Enjoy! -vshr))

All of these status updates about Bhauji were written by Bhau’s Medical Team and Staff, and published to Bhaulist.

In Sep 13, these updates were re-routed to the Trust Medical Update listserv list, in an administrative initiative which I applaud, because it makes the Trust communications more transparent. I have invented the acronym “MULe” to indicate that new routing.


Bhau Kalchuri Passes Away, 23 Oct 13. (Trustees via MULe, Bhaulist, and the MPR community BB at Meherabad)

Bhau – 20 Oct 13 (Trust via MULe)

Bhau – 12 Oct 13 (Trust/Bhau Team via MULe)

Bhau – 11 Oct 13 (Debjani via MULe)

Bhau – 10 Oct 13 (Debjani via MULe)

Bhau – 08 Oct 13 (Trust via MULe + Bhaulist)

Bhau – 05 Oct 13 (Debjani via MULe)

Bhau – 3 Oct 13 (Trust via MULe)

Bhau – 27 Sep 13 (Bhau Team)

Bhau – 23 Sep 13 (Trust via MULe & Bhaulist)

Bhau – 14 Sep 13 (Trust via MULe)

Bhau – 07 Sep 13 (Debjani via Medical Update list)

Bhau – 1 Sep 13 (Trust + Debjani)

Bhau Visits the Young Adult Sahavas – 31 Aug 13 (Debjani)

Bhau – 27 Aug 13 (Debjani)

Bhau – 26 Aug 13 (Trust)

Bhau – 26 Aug 13 (Debjani)

Bhau – 25 Aug 13 (fm Trust News)

Bhau – 16 Aug 13

Bhau – 11 Aug 13

Bhau – 31 Jul 13

Bhau – 24 Jul 13

Bhau – 21 Jul 13

Bhau – 17 Jul 13

Bhau – 14 Jul 13

Bhau – 12 Jul 13


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