Bhauji’s Funeral, 26 Oct 13 – Riff the First

(Originally posted on October 27, 2013 to Meher Chowk – vshr))

I will probably be writing about this critical and formative event for weeks, if not months, and for opening moves, I would just like to post the few clear photographs that I could get around the crowds, with minimal comments.

My first comment, right off the bat, would be to compliment AMBPPCT and the Kalchuri family for the speed with which they enacted this funeral. Bhauji’s physical remains were in the ground something like 36 hours after his demise. Originally, there had been talk of taking him for darshan to Ahmednagar first, which would have delayed his arrival in Meherabad by a day, enough of a delay to turn this event into a huge crowd control project and a media circus to boot.

Bhauji in state for darshan in Mandali Hall, lower Meherabad, on the morning of Friday 25 oct 13. I took dozens of shots here, but this is the only one that came out, I suspect because Meher Baba’s murti was also included. Bhau did not look much like a human being. From some angles, his face looked like Yoda of the Star Wars chronicle. his complexion was very grey and very dead. his mouth and nose had been stopped with something that looked like wax. I doubt that much more than that was done to prepare him for burial except to conceal the evidence of the numerous medical interventions that had not done much to prolong his life.

But there was a great spiritual presence there in Mandali Hall. It was as sacred as Meher Baba’s Samadhi at that point, and furthermore, Bhauji’s grave site still maintains that sacred atmosphere.

I refused to bow down to Bhauji when he was alive, because I considered it unethical behavior towards a Mandali. But it was clear that Bhau had attained the Goal of life, and that there was nothing left over but God and this pile of ashes.

It was a guy thing for sure. Four hours before the scheduled burial time, It was necessarry to start putzing around with cement securing those supports for that coffin, although it would not be able to cure in time anyway. Whatever it takes. I understand. I used to be a guy as well.

Approaching the men mandali grave site in lower Meherabad. The coffin had been accompanied from Mandali Hall, where Bhaji had lain in state since about 10:00 AM until about 4:00 PM, by a long procession of ecstatically chanting devotees.

Preliminary backwards approach to the grave site that had to be aborted. After this lucky shot, Both Bhaui and the coffin were continuously obscured by the crowds.

The Guru of the Devonic Camp*, Sri Sri Sri Vir Singh (Bhau) Kalchuri lay dead, so the Ashuras with their trademark obligatory chaos had to get into the act. The ropes with which the coffin was to be buried were tangled around, by way too many people, for a good 15 minutes before order was restored.

The scene at the grave site when the coffin was finally at rest on the bottom of the crypt.

The totally kewl rig on which Bhauji’s coffin had been carried from Mandali Hall to the men mandalis’ graveyard in lower Meherabad.

Bhauji’s grave the way it looked the following day, Shanivar (Saturday) 26 Oct 13.

((Finished editing Budhvar, Wednesday 30 Oct 13 – vshr))

*Devonic Camp – The famous Puranic story, the Samudra Manthan, is IMO the archtypal pattern and dynamic that Meher Baba introduced into AMBPPCT by involving the Kalchuri family with it. That family is just unutterably Ashuric, with the exception of Bhauji. The Trustees in general are Devonic, but they really do not seem to possess whole rafts of clues about what that means when confronted by Ashuras.

I will write more upon the detailed proofs of this that emerged in this funeral ceremony, but like other important substances, this is a story that is best served cold.

The Devonic and Ashuric Camps are also a fundamental part of the archetypal basis of Vedic Astrology. The members of the Devonic Camp are Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Mars. The members of the Ashuric Camp are Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. Venus is the Guru of the Ashuras. Jupiter is the Guru of everybody, but the Ashuras don’t recognize him. This schema is basic survival information in South Asia, just as Chinese pentology is in East Asia.

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