Chat Corrections for 25 sep 16 and 3 Jul 16

Corrections from previous notices and transcripts:

1. We apologise for the error in the summary of Shridhar Kelkar’s talk on 25 Sept. It was mistakenly mentioned that he lost his father when he was five years old; kindly note that Shridhar was about eleven years old.

2. This is a repeat correction from the summary and transcript of Australian Lorraine Brown’s talk at Chat on 3rd July. It was incorrectly written that, during Baba’s visit to Avatar’s Abode in 1958, Francis asked Bernard Bruford not to take photos of Baba during an unusual time when Baba was showing His suffering outwardly to His lovers. The incident is correctly given by Lorraine, who heard it directly from Bernard: “It was Eruch who commented that Baba rarely allowed His lovers to see His suffering – usually only the mandali saw it – and Eruch encouraged​ or actually told Bernard to take the photos! Bernard himself felt disinclined to take the photos.” Once again, we apologise to Lorraine, Bernard and all.