Chat Meet – 1 Jan 2016

Last Sunday, 1st January, we were delighted to be able to webcast Jamie Newell’s outstanding and uplifting concert from the Meher Pilgrim Centre at Meherabad. He sang many of his well-known songs including “Window to God,” “ Meher Baba, What a Concept,” “Meherabad,” “The Nightingale and the Rose,” “Mehera Can you Tell Me,” and “Ustad Dhanyavad.” He was joined by Kalyan Gillett on violin for 4 or 5 Hafiz songs, and by Janice (Mother C) on cello for a couple of songs.

We have heard from some across the world who were so happy to begin the New Year this way! Thank you Baba, and Jamie, and thanks to the intrepid Chat team of Judy S and Zahra!

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