Chat Meet – 12 Feb 17

On Dhuni Sunday 12th February 2017, we were graced with two outstanding talks: one from Jehangir Daver of Sydney, Australia, and one from dear Amir A. from Shiraz, Iran. Jehangir, who met Meher Baba at Guruprasad at the East West Gathering in 1962 and again in 1963, and lived under His guidance thereafter, touched us deeply with his recitation of the 101 Names of God prayer. He then regaled us with new stories he had not told when he was our guest in 2015.

Particularly he spoke of Raosaheb Afsari – one of Baba’s early Mandali and a teacher at the Prem Ashram school. Jehangir had learned of Meher Baba through Raosaheb’s eldest son, who was Jehangir’s classmate at school in Mumbai. He had heard these stories first-hand from Raosaheb.

As a prelude to several truly amazing stories which he heard first-hand from Raosaheb Afsari, Jehangir gave this introduction: “He was Baba’s very old Persian disciple, who has passed away now. He was a scholar in Persian, a gold medallist at Tehran University. He had read the lives of all the Sufi Masters, and was extremely knowledgeable about all the lives of Perfect Masters. He came to India from Iran in search of a master for his own spiritual progress.

Raosaheb made many enquiries; after a lot of frustration, he finally caught up with Meher Baba in Quetta. There Baba’s beauty and Presence was so great that Raosaheb accepted Him as a really divine personality. Baba invited him to come and teach young students at His newly opened school in Meherabad, the Hazrat Babajan High School…on the condition that no money was to be paid, but food, clothing, shelter, the basic necessities of life would be provided….Baba wanted to keep the disciples away from the clutches of maya…”

Thereafter Jehangair narrated several remarkable stories of Baba’s training and compassion which Raosaheb received.

Before leaving Chat to attend Dhuni, Jehangir lovingly obliged us by re-telling the wonderful incidences of having Baba’s darshan, and the time at Guruprasad when he unconsciously “leapt like a leopard” onto the dais in order to kiss Baba on the cheek! His leopard was transformed into a “rat” as he slunk away under Eruch’s scolding and Baba’s gesture – “what sort of idiot is this…?!” But his joy in the precious moment has lived on, and he graciously shares it with us.

Our second surprise guest was Amir A of Shiraz, Iran, a pilgrim visiting Meherabad with his wife and two young children. Amir’s deeply-felt account of coming to Meher Baba through his contact with Dr. Jehangir Meherbanpour (about 84 years old, who had personal contact and correspondence with Baba), and the many wonderful coincidences and developments surrounding this, was very moving – enhanced by the very empathetic translations from Farsi into English by Zahra – smiling through tears!

Amir related how they learned about reincarnation and were led to Dr. Meherbanpour, and subsequently to Meher Baba, through his wife’s vivid dreams. We were very touched by his sincere and heartfelt narration and pleased to hear of the natural ways they share their love for Him at home.

Thank you dear Jehangir and dear Amir!