Chat Meet – 15 Jan 16

On Sunday 15th January 2017, we had the truly delightful chance to hear both David Raffo and Sudam Wagh speak about Baba’s close early woman Mandali, Khorshed Irani. David recounted the process of compiling and editing the book about her life with Meher Baba, twenty years in the making – with loving help and input from dear Meheru and other Mandali, editor/researcher Judy Robertson, and editors Fayre Davis Makeig and Steve Kline. The book is soon to be published by Sheriar Press – Jai Baba!

David told with great drama and passion a few of the riveting and touching stories about Khorshed, her mother Soona, and father Kaikhushru – and their amazing journey with Meher Baba from the earliest days in Sakori, Poona, Bombay Manzil-e-Meem and newborn Meherabad onwards.

Sudam Wagh, a longtime resident of Meher Nazar/Trust Compound, told wonderful stories for the first time in public – of his very, very poor family in Pimpalgaon, his mother bringing him as an infant to Meherazad, where he played on the verandah in front of Meher Baba and the Lady Mandali, and where he was held in Baba’s arms, his later venture into Ahmednagar and the Compound seeking work, his connection with Adi K. Irani, and through him, with Khorshed Irani , to whom he became like an “adopted son.”

Sudam’s wife Asha was unwell and could not join us – we lovingly hope for further stories of dear Khorshed from both Sudam and Asha some time in the near future! (We are sorry that the webcast stream stopped working during Sudam’s portion and Chatters had to rely on text transcription – we hope for a successful reprise.)

Thank you so much dear David and Sudam! We look forward to reading about Meher Baba’s Khorshed and family when the long labor of love bears its fruit!