Chat Meet – 22 Jan 16

On Sunday, 22nd January, dear Kusum Singh, now in her youthful eighties, was our sparkling guest. She told beautiful stories of her many, many contacts with Beloved Baba from 1953 onwards in Dehra Dun, Meherabad, Meherazad and Guruprasad.

She retold the wonderful story of her husband Mokham’s first skeptical meeting with Baba. Mokham believed that Avatar figures like Rama, Krishna and so on were Super-Beings who came from other planets. When he met Baba, Baba was informed that Mokham wanted to know which planet He came from? Mokham’s surrender came at that moment instantaneously, when Baba’s lightning reply floored him: “All the planets come from Me.”

Kusum also recounted some stories from times with Mani, Bhauji, and Eruch, and sang several fine Hindi bhajans.

Kusum touchingly recalled the times that Mehera would call her Delhi bhajan group to sing before the ladies Mandali on Meherabad Hill, early in the morning at Amartithi time. She also gave a moving account of traveling immediately to Meherabad the same day they learned in Dehra Dun that Baba had dropped His body, and of her final view of His physical form.