Chat Meet – 29 Jan 16

On Sunday, 29th January 2017, the Chat team climbed the holy Hill at Meherabad and webcast from nearby Samadhi in the atmosphere of sweet excitement and anticipation of the gathering of thousands of followers for His 48th Amartithi. Some of the highlights were an interview with Freiny Nalavala of Bangalore (a longtime Baba lover who met Him many times, now in her eighties, mother of Naosherwan Anzar) and with the group of 16 new pilgrims from South Korea at Meherabad for the first time.

Afterwards, the Chat team streamed and Skyped from Zahra’s house (though the announced guest could not be present.) It was a warm-hearted conclusion to the Chat, prelude to the opening day, 30th January, of the three-day celebration of the Eternal Day or Immortal Date, Amartithi.