Chat Meet – 5 Feb 17

On Sunday, 5th February 2017, dear Susan Paul of New York City, Ahmednagar and Meherabad regaled us with a really fine narrative of coming to Ahmednagar, India – without even knowing of Meher Baba – in 1990 for work as an acupuncturist – and the fantastically intricate and custom–made way in which the “Master Craftsman” brought her “blindfolded” to His feet.

A favorite detail was the truly original connection of Susan’s strange obsession, when she was a 10-year old dance student, with the name in a magazine of dear Margaret Craske, and later the observation of Margaret teaching her daughter from a distance.

Decades later she found herself, in a state of dizzy hypoglycemic jetlag, escorted by Tom Fortson to an unknown place for no known reason – Meher Baba’s Samadhi. As an atheist/art-lover/acupuncturist, she admired the paintings, and did not look down or pay attention as Tom gestured, “Meher Baba is in this Tomb.”

Then he took Susab to Sheriarji and Shireenmai and the women Mandali’s nearby graves, where she nearly stumbled on the rectangular frame around that familiar name: “Margaret Craske? What is she doing here?!”

We learned of Susan’s life of service as a medical worker with AIDS patients and children affected by AIDS. She also described her recently-published children’s book to encourage creativity and self-expression and to discourage the dumbness and numbness of smartphone use among children: C.D. and the Dream Pillow (now available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.)

Thank you Susan for your delightful story and your work for His humanity!