Chat Patter and Xscript Corrections – 14 Sep 16

The full summary of our Chat on 11th Sept. will be sent in an announcement later this week. As noted above, our two scheduled musical guests could not come, but we had the last-minute opportunity to hear many wonderful stories from Dr. Meherjyoti Kulsheshtra of Lucknow, daughter of Keshav Narayan Nigam of Hamirpur. She first met Baba as a child, and has served him ever since – particularly through her work of translation of Hindi works into English.

Through Meherjyoti’s efforts, along with those of publisher Sameer Diljan of Avatar Meher Baba Cosmic Foundation, many works long out of print are now available to His worldwide Hindi readers: such as Bhau Kalchuri’s epic Biography in verse, Meher Darshan; a collection of four plays by Bhau written during Baba’s time including “Jai Meher,” “Meher Puja,” “Meher Dham,” and “Vishwas;” Subkuchna aur Kuchnahin; and Meherabad Chalo.

Other Hindi translations/publications include Rustom Falahati’s The Real Treasure Vols. 1-3, some of Bal Natu’s books such as Our Constant Companion, and Bhau Kalchuri’s While the World Slept.

Meherjyoti told fascinating stories of her father Keshav Narayan Nigam’s resistance and surrender to Meher Baba, which led to his appointment by Him as His “Chief Worker in Hamirpur.”

Meyerjyoti’s account of her own determination to love and serve the Beloved from childhood was inspiring. Her tales were laced with her joyful and energetic bhajan singing, accompanied by three women companion-pilgrims from Lucknow and Wardha.


1.Our deep apologies to dear Lorraine Brown who was our guest on Sunday 3rd July 2016, and to all who read an error in the Chat Summary and/or transcript. With the best intentions and effort, the transcriber sometimes fails to hear and type accurately – we are always grateful to receive and circulate corrections to these priceless records of His Advent.

INCORRECT in 3rd July 2016 Chat Summary and Transcript: “Lorraine related that Francis told them: during Baba’s visit to Australia in 1958, it was noted that, unusually, Beloved Baba was allowing glimpses of His pain and suffering to be revealed to those present. Eruch asked Bernard Bruford not to take photos because of this.”

CORRECT Lorraine has notified us: “It was Bernard who told me this story. Also, it was ERUCH who commented that Baba rarely allowed His lovers to see His suffering – usually only the mandali saw it – and ERUCH ENCOURAGED​ or actually TOLD Bernard to TAKE THE PHOTOS! Bernard himself felt disinclined to take the photos. This is a very important difference – seeing as the meaning as put in this typed version of the chat is totally opposite the actual happening.”

Once again, our deep apologies to Lorraine and all readers. We hope the story is now clear.

2. Summary of Chat of Sunday 4th Sept. 2016 may have given the wrong impression. Anna Khandale took over supervision of Samadhi duty at Meherabad after Nana Kher joined Beloved Baba. Then Hardeep Hanspal Singh came to share the duty, and later Gaikwad joined the team. Now the duty is shared between these three: Anna Khandale, Hanspal, and Gaikwad.