Chinese Medicine for Ebola

My fengshui guru, Lillian Too, would love this. It starts with an innocent little query, and it winds up with the name of a broker and a list of stocks you can buy to push this issue if you understand it and have some disposable cash lying around, such as what you didn’t use on a round-trip ticket to India. The innocent little query? “Can Chinese medicine be used for ebola?” Find the answer to that below.

And what does this have to do with Maitreya Yoga? Everything. Maitreya Yoga connects everything with everything else, and all arrested development must be cleared before you can go on. The lineage holder is no exception. I do have arrested development with respect to herbology, and it’s such a long story that I’m not even going to get into it. Maybe all my involvement with this does is to further develop my Chinese language capacity, but I’m going to be researching this subject for the forseeable future.

The following is the end of the article, cutting to the chase, please:

Using Chinese medicine for ebola and whether it is effective; making money from ebola-treatment-concept stocks.

Chinese source: 15 Oct 14

… Although Chinese medicine and western medicine have different mechanisms, nevertheless specifically in the treatment of disease, sometimes one can benefit by arriving at the same end through different routes, and sometimes each way has pros and cons. For example, using Hill Pharmaceutical’s (岭药业) Lotus Heat-clearing Capsules (连花清瘟胶囊), clinical research according to western medicine’s evidence-based methods has discovered that the anti-viral effect of Lotus Heat-Clearing Capsules is not different from that of Tamiflu, and in relieving symptoms, it’s special in that it surpasses Tamiflu in reducing fever, and relieving such symptoms as cough, headache, body aches, and weakness. Since 2003, the clinical healing effect of Chinese medicine in anti-viral and other applications has more and more recieved a great deal of emphasis and approval from a number of Chinese domestic doctors who are authoritative experts in western medicine, such as the academician Zhong Nanshan (钟南山)* who pointed out that from SARS to H7N9, this period of over ten years, much enlightenment has been gained from the effectiveness of treatment with Chinese medicine. Research has discovered that the effectiveness of such Chinese medicinal products as Lotus Heat-Clearing Capsules is not simply and specifically anti-viral, but they can be used to prevent viruses from entering the body and from entering cells, and if the virus has entered the cell, (these products) can also prevent it from multiplying. He says that the anti-viral concept of western medicine is different from that of Chinese medicine, and that Chinese medicine also has a regulatory effect throughout the body, which is Chinese medicine’s distinguishing strong point. Therefore the respiratory disease research office that Academician Zhong Nanshan heads in Kuangzhou acts as a national key laboratory and a clinical center, and has set up a research group to exclusively research Chinese medicine.

At present, western medicine has its hands tied and is without remedy with respect to ebola, and its future direction of development is to succeed in the research and development of anti-ebola vaccines and medications, but right now the time (required) is uncertain. So from looking at the origin of the outbreak in the ebola virus, and the whole-body symptoms such as fever and blood loss that it gives rise to, employing the whole ideology of Chinese medicine, and holistic diagnosis and treatment, with the use of such methods as clearing heat and removing toxicity (清热解毒), arresting blood and removing blood stasis (止血化瘀), and strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors (扶正祛邪), could possibly result in unlooked-for healing effects.

For this reason, Zheshang Securities (Shanghai – 浙商证券) recognizes that ebola-concept stocks have nothing to do with such companies as Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical (鲁抗医药) and Layne Christensen Company (LAYN – 莱茵生物), but they might have a relationship with listed biological vaccine companies and with listed companies having products related to clearing heat and removing toxicity (清热解毒), and arresting blood and removing blood stasis (止血化瘀), and among the important brands are: (华兰生物) Hualan Biological, Tiantan Biological (天坛生物), Ridge Pharmaceutical Co. (以岭药业), Red Sun Pharmaceutical Co. (红日药业), Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical Co., ltd. (康缘药业), Shanghai KaiBao (上海凯宝), Pien Tze Huang (片仔癀), and Yunnan Baiyao (云南白药).


*Zhong Nanshan (钟南山) — Chinese source: Youdao online dictionary.

Zhong Nanshan resides in Xiamen (Amoy) City of Fujian Province, and was born in Nanjing in a family of the medical world which was famous for its health butler. He graduated from Beijing Medical College (now Peking University Health Science Center) in 1960, and in 2007 was awarded a his doctorate with honors by Edinburgh University in England. He is an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a teacher, a doctoral advisor, and the Chairman of the Chinese Medical Association . Zhong Nanshan is a specialist in respiratory tract diseases, and a leading personality in the Chinese treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract. He was a prominent personality in the 2003 SARS offensive.


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