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The President of Liberia Must Decree Mandatory Medical Service by Ebola Survivors

Source – BBC

In Liberia, testing positive for Ebola can be a death sentence. Those that survive the disease feel fortunate, even blessed. But in the eyes of many Liberians, Ebola survivors still carry the infection and must be shunned.

Isolated during their fight with Ebola, many survivors emerge to find themselves isolated once again.

On Monday Dr Walter T Gwenigale, Liberia’s minister of health and social welfare, urged Liberians to stop stigmatising Ebola survivors. The minister told people to welcome survivors, who could educate them about the disease and how it is treated. …

The above is the story lead. What the whole article records, in fact, is a complete breakdown of civil order in Liberia, because of mass paranoia about ebola.

In the future, every person in Liberia will be immune to ebola, either because he or she survived it or because said citizen was immunized medically by something like a vaccine. In that happy day in the future, there will be no fear of ebola and no shunning of survivors.

However, in the present, the only Liberians who can bear witness to the possibility of that happy day in the future, and lead the way forward to it, are in fact the survivors. Therefore the government should protect and employ the survivors on the one hand, and require them to save their nation by both their service and their leadership example, on the other. The survivors should be well compensated for their government service, and they should recieve the full range of perks that is the natural milieu of a priveleged class from which much is being demanded, and police protection if necessary.

Next problem, please!

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!


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