Ending the 5th Anti-Kalchuri-Dynasty Vrat (18 Aug 13)

((Editing on 7 Feb 14 – This was about ending the last of five half-lunar-month fasts on liquids, from krishna trayodahsi tithi to shukla trayodashi tithi on five succeeding lunar months. It had become clear to me that Bhau was helpless to do anything effective about the cultural and administrative nightmare represented by the Kalchuri Dynasty focus which he had been instrumental in creating, together with his wife Rama and his son Mehernath, and my response, after he attacked my character when I brought up the subject, was this series of vrats, which I believe to have been effective. To date, one of my goals in them has been attained: Bhau Kalchuri is no longer the head of the Kalchuri Dynasty; Meherenath now is. It only remains for Mehernath to resign as a Trustee, or be thrown out, or to die, which is how the case of his predecessor as a renegade Trustee, Kutumba Shastri, was finally resolved. I believe that one of those three outcomes is now imminent.

There was no sixth vrat because, before the appointed time for that rolled around, Bhau had changed his seat from Khushru Quarters in Ahmednagar where Mehernath and his mother Rama live, to his daughter Sheila’s house in Meher Colony. It was clear to me from that that he had seen through Mehernath. I thought that he would denounce Mehernath before he died, but it proved to be too late for that. But I think Mehernath’s attitude towards his father after that, and his failure to show any real respect towards Bhau during his funeral, amounted to his self-denunciation. It remains for the broad community to deal effectively with this renegade individual and the family that continues to support him in his treachery and betrayal of Meher Baba’s purpose with AMBPPCT. – vshr))

Through Knowledge, Power

This morning Chandra Raj was running shukla tryodashi tithi, so I ended the 5th vrat, dedicating the merit as per usual that Bhau Kalchuri be enabled to resign as the head of the Kalchuri Dynasty and that Mehernath Kalchuri be enabled to resign as a Trustee of AMBPPCT.

During this vrat, Bhauji continued not to chat, and finally convinced by my own observations and those of many others that Bhau is no longer competent to function as the Chairman of the Trust by reason of dementia, I asked his medical team to request the Board of Trustees to remove him. Of course, whether they do that or not will finally depend on their own medical judgment, but as medical practitioners, I don’t think they can initiate something like this. I think that they can’t act on what they know very well until they have been asked to do that.

All of this is tending to sane administrative practice rather than the spurious institutional culture of obligatory happy talk, and resulting collective blindness, that has simply created confusion and dysfunction throughout all the operations at AMBPPCT.

During my first trip to India to Meher Baba’s Last Darshan Program in 1969, I heard “Baba works through Knowledge.” I’ve never heard that since then, and have never seen it written, but I now understand what it means. In a world which is falling apart in every dimension as ours now is, power inevitably descends on those with sure knowledge in any dimension. And the greatest dimension is the Devine Domain, and the greatest Knowledge in that Domain is what we have: The Knowledge of who the current Avatar of God is, and what his Will and Plan is. Therefore, the time is coming, and it is coming very fast, when it will be up to us to act, because we will be the ones empowered by God to do that.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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