First declaration of the Manonash Stage – 28 June 1951

This Declaration and its Corollary are found on p. 114 of the PDF file, it does not seem it does not seem to be in the numbered series of New Life Circulars:



28th June 1951



In the presence of God, and bearing in my heart all the Perfect Ones of all times as witness, I declare that by the help and will of God, I will definitely take this step of Annihilation on October 16th of this year. God helped me to do the seclusion work of the 100 days to my entire satisfaction, and I feel absolutely confident that God will help me to attain to the old life Meherbaba state by February 16th 1952, and to manifest universally. I want every one of you who is present here as witness to this declaration, to fast for 24 hours on tea and water, on the 16th of October, beginning from 8 o’clock in the morning of that day.




28th June 1951


What God has Determined

1. God has determined in my mind the irrevocable step that I am going to take on October 16th. The period required for the execution of this inevitable step will be from October 18th, 1951 to February 16th, 1952. During these 7 days, therefore, I have been talking to you all collectively and individually whenever necessary, regarding the arrangements to be made for the carrying-out of this step. From July 1st to October 16th I will see to the actual arrangements in detail.

2. The step God wants me to take is one of complete and absolute annihilation. I am at this moment solely and entirely in the New Life, and it is purely from this New Life stand of an ordinary human being that I tell you about this annihilation. This step compels me to take on complete mental annihilation during the process between October 16th and Feb. 12th. That means, that during this period of mental annihilation, I will, in the natural course of events, be facing physical annihilation as well, without my actually seeking it. By Feb. 12th the result, as I see it, will be:

(a) I will gain complete mental annihilation and yet be alive physically, and this will mean that I will not only attain the old-life Meherbaba state, but also manifest it universally. It will also mean a super revolutionizing in the lives of all connected with me, and even those not connected with me, as fundamentally I will then be connected with each and everyone; except that its effect will vary in accordance with the strength of their connection with me.

(b) With mental annihilation my physical body might fall, and that would mean the end of everything and the beginning of everything. Then, for those connected with me the same super change will occur, but without my personal individual manifestation.

(c) Before mental annihilation is gained my physical body might fall, and that would mean we would all be where we were. In that case every one of you will be benefitted according to your connection with and your love and faith for me. (d) By the end of February mental annihilation might not be gained and physically I might be alive, and that would mean the end to all. Then, I would free everyone from having any direct connection with me, leaving it to them to lead any kind of life they choose.

3. In any case, those directly and indirectly connected with me will not have loved me and served me all along in vain. Irrespective of what I was, am, and will be, God in His Infinite Justice will see to everything. My strongest and only advice to each one of you is to hold fast to your faith and love – at least in the same proportion as now, if not in greater:

4. God wants me to take this step and I am absolutely certain that He will help me gain this mental annihilation by Feb, 12th. With this inner conviction I will plunge deeply into this act of annihilation from the 16th of October.

5. I ask God in all humility to help me achieve this desired end by Feb, 12th.

6. In the event of my physical death the arrangementwalas have to carry out the typed instructions I have given them; and Vishnu will carry out my instructions regarding the same.

7. I will be away from Hyderabad from October 16th to Feb, 12th. The women who are now with me will stay on in Hyderabad during my absence. Vishnu has been given his duty in connection with them from 1st July to 12th Feb.

8. During this period (from 16th of October to Feb, 12th) I want to be absolutely free from any kind of hindrance, free to die and free to live without any boja of any kind. Anyone who wants to go through this dying process with me can join me; but I want every one of you to fully understand the magnitude of your mental preparationneeded to stand by such a decision. I want you to bear in mind the difficulties accosted at the start of the New Life in 1949; the obstacles in your way and the hindrances in mine – and I want no repetition of that. If you choose to accompany me from mere emotional impulse on your part, it will prove disastrous. If you come with me it will actually be to face all kinds of untold difficulties and inconceivable hardships; hardships that might include starvation, going without sleep, sickness, disability, and complete hopelessness and helplessness at their extreme heights. It might mean experiencing 400 deaths in 4 months. I will have absolutely no responsibility and might have no concern whatever for anyone accompanying me.

9. I order the Servants who are with me, to choose between two things: to join me in this hopeless task, or to stay at Hyderabad doing whatever duty I allot to them. In the latter case, they will be well provided for as regards food, clothing, and pocket money for 4 months. None of the arrangementwalas should offer to accompany me, as they have to carry out their responsibilities till the very end. Any one of my old life disciples may join me. If, by the grace of God, I gain my objective by 12th Feb., everything spiritual and material, (or only spiritual as the case may be) will be for my Servants and Old-life disciples and devotees.

10. And yet, before I take this step on 16th of October, I want to try and help materially certain of my old-life disciples and to adjust certain matters for some of them, in order to be free from every kind of boja. From July 1st to Feb, 12th I might be available either to all, to a few, or to none. Occasions might also arise when I might be available to the masses. I will be free to decide about all these points as and when I like.

11. Even if there is only one of you accompanying me I shall be quite pleased and satisfied, and even if many choose to come with me I will not mind. But those accompanying me must be prepared to be able to stand everything and anything under all and every circumstances, implicitly obeying my every order, without hoping for any kind of reward, spiritual or material. They must expect no help of any kind from me, but on the contrary will be expected to help me.

12. Also, from amongst those offering to come with me, I will finally decide who is to accompany me and who is to stay. 13. During this period of annihilation (from Oct, 16 to Feb, 12), my actions and mode of living will be free from any binding conditions. I might wander about from place to place or settle down in one place–when and where I will decide between July and October. I might beg for I might beg for anything, demand anything, accept anything or reject anything; or perhaps I might do none of these things. I will do anything ordinary or extraordinary, good or bad as as the occasion may demand of me, based on the Will of God for this great Annihilation.



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