From the Trust Chairman: 6th Annual Avataric Treasure Programme, Feb. 2016

        Worldwide Baba Family Chat/Meeting Team
        Today at 9:31 AM

Subject: 6th Annual Programme on Discovering the Avataric Treasure
13th and 14th February 2016
Date:  Tuesday, 14th April 2015

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

The Avatar Meher Baba Trust, through its Library Committee, proposes to hold a two-day programme on “Discovering the Avataric Treasure” on 13th and 14th February 2016 at Meherabad.

The programme will consist of presentations related to Beloved Baba’s life and work covering the period after He started His great silence on 10th July 1925 up to the end of 1930. This period was spent by Him in setting up the Meherabad ashram and His various tours to different places, including Persia, for His inner work. Presentations based on any of the historical events of this period will be welcome for this programme.

The programme will run in four sessions on two days and will include PowerPoint presentations and short films on any of the aspects of this particular period.

Topics could be:-

1. Baba’s great silence
2. Baba’s missing book
3. Baba’s Samadhi
4. Baba’s writing and alphabet board use
5. Baba’s Jhopdi and other living quarters at Meherabad
6. The Meher Ashram School and the Prem Ashram
7. The Toka Ashram
8. Baba’s trips to Persia and other places
9. Paul Brunton’s visits to Meherabad
10. Baba’s activities at Meherabad
11. The Gujarati Arti
12. Rustom’s trip to England
13. Babajan’s visits to Meherabad and Toka
14. Meher Message magazine
15. The Nasik Ashram
16. Work at Panchgani cave
17. Any other aspect of individual choice from this period

Programme stipulations: each presentation will be given half an hour’s time only. If more presentations are received, then the presentations received at the last minute will be given only ten to fifteen minutes’ time depending upon the relevance of the presentations to this year’s theme.

In the 5th annual programme in February 2015, Baba’s pre-silence phase from January 1922 to 9th July 1925 was covered. Naturally, the 6th annual programme will be covering the period after 9th July 1925 to the end of 1930.

Interested Baba lovers may communicate their willingness to participate in this programme by submitting the presentation summaries by 30th September 2015 to Gokaran Shrivastava, Librarian, Meherabad Hill Library, or, 0241-2458473.

For any further clarification please contact:

Jal P. Dastoor
Coordinator, Library Committee at Meherabad

Shridhar Kelkar,
Chairman, Avatar Meher Baba Trust

12th April 2015

Jal Dastoor is new in this role, and I think he will be fair and realistic about the choices of presentations, and about the organization of the program in general. I will submit a presentation summary no later than 30 Apr 15, and I will intend to show up at Meherabad during Meher Baba’s Birthday 2016 period for the purpose of presenting it, if it is accepted. I do not believe in long-distance presentations; that’s why I don’t participate in chat.

Everyone who loves Meher Baba should feel free to submit a proposal to this programme. The Indian MB Community and the Trust always make every effort to include everybody who wants to participate; they’re very straight and very sincere that that’s what Meher Baba always wants.

But then what actually happens on the ground as the result of innumerable last-minute proposals? Tamasha (idiot chaos) happens. It’s India, you can count on it.

“Things that are real and given and received in Silence.” –Avatar Meher Baba

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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