God Speaks: Meher Baba’s Big Picture of Causality (27 May 2013)

Lord Buddha spoke from what I would call a small picture of causality, in that it did not go beyond the human case. He discussed causality in order to teach the causality of suffering, and how, by breaking those causal chains, we can extinguish suffering. Then there was a mind-boggling exposition of detailed information on how to do that, which has been increasingly ignored and forgotten through time, even by Buddhists. But that is our fault, not the Buddha’s. The particular Truth given by each Avatar of Vishnu is always exactly perfect for the characteristics of the people among whom He takes birth, and for the evolutionary stage of the human race at that time.

Meher Baba rediscussed the Teaching of the Noble One, in terms of sanskaras (mental impressions) in his Discourses. But the problem with the Discourses, for real-time human attention, is the same as that of the Teaching of the Noble One: it’s perceived as being dry and intellectual, because not one single word of it will have meaning for you as an individual unless and until you apply what it says to yourself. Then suddenly the whole subject lights up, but not until then.

The problem with our attention to any given sacred teaching about causality is that we are distracted by so much that is not included in it, is it not? Where is the Buddha’s discussion of TV, DNA, science in general, technology in general, genetics in general, the degradation of our environment, and the possibility of alien life, for example? We’re so involved in these issues, which are vital to our understanding of ourselves as organisms, that we just have no attention left over for any given sacred teaching, about causality or anything else, for that matter.

So the Avatar of Vishnu always comes to us where we are. Meher Baba understood this attention deficit of the human race at this stage, so he didn’t stop with a small picture of causality, but after restating the small picture in current language and his new archetypal POV of sanskaras, he then wrote The. Big. Picture. of. Causality. aka God Speaks. His big picture of causality shows, (among thousands of other assets) where this scattered attention comes from. We have been all theses things, and have had all these appearances that we are attracted to in the present. All of them. That stone or tree that we find attractive? We were once literally in that form, and so forth, to people, languages, cultures, and knowledge from literally beyond the earth. We have done it all and been it all, because all of that experience is prerequisite to the human form.

But my overview is not a substitute for reading God Speaks yourself. This is God’s Truth for our time. Please do not miss out on it.

Jai Meher Baba,


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