Good News Item #3 for Ebola

Source: Fox News

Patient cured of Ebola in Germany treated with biofiltration device

A Ugandan man hospitalized in Germany for the Ebola virus was treated with a biofiltration device that the creators believe will change the landscape in the fight against viral pathogens.

The Aethlon Medical team has created a device called the Hemopurifier, which works on the established infrastructure of dialysis machines already located in hospitals and clinics.

“It works within a dialysis machine, but the mechanism selectively targets viral pathogens and immunosuppressive toxins that they release,” James Joyce, the CEO of Aethlon Medical, told

The Hemopurifier is an extracorporeal biofiltration device that converges hollow-fiber filtration technology with immobilized affinity agents to allow for the rapid physical removal of virus and soluble viral glycoproteins from the blood. It mimics the natural immune system response for clearance of circulating virus and viral toxins before cells and organs can be infected, according to Joyce.

“Our goal is to eliminate the circulating viruses and do it on a rapid basis,” Joyce said. “The virus that we capture then remains in the [device’s] cartridge,” he said.

Doctors at University Hospital Frankfurt had been following the clinical trials and the device’s technology and reached out to Joyce’s team.

“We were contacted by physicians at Frankfurt University hospital on advice that they had an advanced-stage Ebola patient arrive at their hospital,” Joyce said.

Aethlon had to seek special approval from the German regulatory authorities in order to ship the piece.

“Hemotherapy was administered on day 12 after diagnosis and at that point in time he had multiple organ failure,” Joyce said.

The patient was administered hemotherapy treatment for more than six hours and had no adverse effects.

The physicians measured data points related to the treatment. The patient was monitored for changes in viral load, with the hope being for a reduction. Before treatment, the viral load was measured at 400,000 copies per milliliter for the Ebola virus. At the end of treatment physicians measured a reduction to only 1,000 copies per milliliter for Ebola.

The patient is now free of the virus. …

You have to love German technology. They are just structurally incapable of building something that doesn’t work. It’s probably too expensive for most people, but it’s a choice that you know will work.

However, it should be noted that the human body already has such a filter. It’s called the kidney. Could we modify that to filter out viruses? I’m sure the capacity is structurally already there (i.e., it’s already present in the genetic code), but it just got shut down functionally because stupid people in what they thought was authority decided to kill the victims instead of curing the disease, or else disasters happened and wiped out everybody with brains before currently recorded history, so basically the human race lost the whole drivers’ manual for the human form. It happens. So let’s fix that, OK geneticists? This is your job anymore. Get used to it. Our bodies did, in fact, coexist with this virus, for tens of thousands of years, at least. That means our bodies already know how to kill this bug. So find the damned switch and turn it on already, elitist scientific geniuses! DO IT !!!

Next problem please!

Jai Meher Baba,
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva


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