Happy Mani’s Birthday

((Originally posted to Meher Chowk on December 15, 2013 – vshr))

Yesterday we had a special program for Mani’s birthday at MPC, with films, reminiscences, and music by Meher Baba’s sister Mani, who was born on 15 Dec 1918. There was a delicious birthday cake for Mani with trick candles that refused to be blown out, and delicious punch with strawberries. But the high point for me was to be given a collection of Mani’s doodles, which I have turned into the two graphics files linked below. This is how she liked to sign off of her hand-written and even typed correspondence. These are huge .jpg files that are suitable for wallpaper. I doubt that any other images will ever displace these from my desktop, because among many other things, Mani was a master writer, and these show the spirit of her writing, and what I do primarily on my machine is to write, and I can’t imagine a better way to get in than mood than by looking at Mani’s spirited doodles.

(click images to enlarge)

For a previous Mani wallpaper effort by yours truly, please review this: Meher Caravan Wall Paper

Today, which is actually Man’s birthday anniversary, we had another program about Mani at Meherazad with more of the same kind of content, but more intimate unpublished footage of Mani, Baba’s sister and “perfect nun” who has had an overwhelming spiritual influence on me. There were also some more serious and predictive community developments that I really want to address, but that is another post for tomorrow. Manija S. Irani is always going to be sufficient to the evil of any given day.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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