How Meher Baba Dealt with Greed and Financial Opacity

There was a long and confused series of correspondence between an individual, Sadashiv Patil, who had signed up for the New life, between him and Meher Baba directly, and through Eruch and Adi Sr, about money and land. This had dragged on for months. Some of it in both directions was in Marathi and is so recorded in #8, q.v.

To me it is clear that the bottom line here was greed by Sadashiv. He wanted to drag out the sale of several pieces of real property originally belonging to him, but which he had signed over to Meherji and Nariman, also in the New Life, as collateral for money which he promised to Baba under the conditions of the New Life, and which Nariman and Meherjii then forwarded to Baba, most probably by using the property as collateral for a bank loan.

When the sale of the property proved difficult, Baba asked Sadashiv to help Nariman and Meherji on their request to dispose of it, upon which Sadashiv balked and asked for the property to be signed back over to him, and he would handle the financial arrangements and send Baba the money, but without time restrictions.

This was unacceptable. Baba did not want this to drag out through time. He wanted the original agreement kept, in a very limited time, and he insisted on it. Sadashiv wanted his property back more than the will of the Master, to the point that he finally broke off his relationship with Meher Baba. Here are the final two transaction in this long and complicated exchange:

(7) Thereupon Sadashiv replied on 26th April (1950):—

Sadashiv’s namaskar to Eruch. The following letter may be read to Baba:—

Received your letter dated 24th. I did not know that you would go to such an extent. Now I am telling you by this letter that I have no connection whatsoever with Meherji, Nariman, and Ramjoo. For your convenience you have dealt with Meherji-Nariman about my house. I have nothing to do with the amount. It is your perogative whether they pay the amount or not, because you want the amount and I don’t want it. My houses should be returned to me. Now it is open that I don’t want to keep any connection with you. Don’t give the dose of truth. I don’t wish to keep any connection with you.

(Sd) Sadashiv (Circular #8, p.17)

Thereupon Baba took the following decision:—

“I forgive Sadashiv all his shortcomings towards the New Life and ask his forgiveness if I have hurt his feelings in any way. I accept his request for severing his connection from my old and New Life.” (Circular #8, p.12)

New Life Circular #13 was a detailed summary of this entire evolution, minus the drama and the Marathi language. Following is the entire document, for the companions of the New Life. There was a subsequent explanation in Circular #14 issued to those in the old life in the West, which follows after:


Issued 28-7-1950.

Long ago before Baba started his New Life, Mr. Sadashiv Patel, one of the oldest disciples of Baba in the old life, promised many a time that he would give his whole property to Baba. At one time, of his own accord, he sent to Baba all documents of his property, which consisted only of three houses and his life insurance policy.

Just before the beginning of his New Life, Baba held a meeting at Meherabad of his intimate disciples to settle certain liabilities and make money arrangements to discharge his responsibilities towards those who were entirely dependent on him. Mr. Sadashiv Patel was also present at the meeting. Many pros and cons of the financial situation were discussed in the meeting, and a small committee was appointed and authorised by Baba to act on his behalf. This committee was instructed by Baba to make certain payments each month to those who had been entirely dependent on him. At that time, of his own accord, Baba returned to Mr. Sadashiv Patel documents concerning only one house and his life insurance policy and handed over to the committee the remaining documents of the two houses for sale. This incident had taken place just before Mr. Sadashiv Patel signed ‘yes’ to join Baba in his New Life.

Thereafter, in the subsequent meetings, the committee suggested to Baba that they would prefer at that moment Rs. 40,000 to the documents of the two houses which would take much of their time for disposing them. Baba therefore instructed Mr. Sadashiv Patel to pay to the committee Rs. 40,000 before 16th October 1949 either by selling the two houses or by making any other arrangement he might think fit. Mr. Sadashiv Patel agreed to carry out these instructions, but he could not finish the work and make any arrangement to pay Rs. 40,000 to the committee by 15th October, 1949 on which date he had been ordered by Baba to join him in the New Life. Baba therefore ordered Mr. Sadashiv Patel to transfer the two houses to Nariman-Meherjee who were also Members of the committee. Accordingly Sadashiv Patel legally transferred the two houses to Nariman-Meherjee and joined Baba in the New life. After the transfer deed, Nariman and Meherjee first paid Rs. 40,000 to the committee out of their own pockets just to help them in their work, and afterwards started finding out prospective buyers for the houses.

In the first week of February 1950, Baba sent Dr. Donkin, the companion of Baba in the New Life, from Dehra Dun to Bombay and Nagar for some work. After finishing his work at both places, Dr. Donkin returned to Dehra Dun. He gave to Baba a detailed report of his work, and conveyed to Baba during conversation the information that Nariman and Meherjee were finding much difficulty in disposing of the two houses in the absence of Mr. Sadashiv Patel, whose presence they badly needed for the disposal of the two houses. After hearing this, Baba immediately sent Sadashiv Patel to Bombay- Nagar with definite instructions that he should render every kind of help to Nariman-Meherjee in disposing of the two houses, and that he should return to Dehra Dun and join Baba within two months, which was the time limit Baba gave him to finish the work.

After reaching Poona, Mr. Sadashiv Patel expressed his opinion that Nariman-Meherjee, instead of selling the said houses to other customers, should first retransfer the same to his name, and that he would pay afterwards Rs. 40,000 to them according to his circumstances, convenience and without any time limit for payment. He disclosed this opinion to Baba only when the time limit for his return to Dehra Dun was about to expire. Baba, of course, did not approve of his opinion and again ordered him that he should try his level best to help Nariman-Meherjee in every way in disposing of the two houses or he should first pay Rs. 40,000 to Nariman-Meherjee and afterwards get the houses transferred to his name. In spite of the repeated orders from Baba, Sadashiv Patel did not give up his idea but held on fast to it.

After having waited long and having seen that Baba did not agree to his wish, he started making false statements without any foundation to Adi Sr., and people of Baba’s old life in Poona that Baba deceived and cheated him and took away from him his houses by using his influence and pressure on him. Adi Sr. conveyed this information to Baba on 18th July through Eruch. Baba deeply felt about this as an old-life burden and immediately made the decision that Nariman-Meherjee should give the two houses back to Sadashiv Patel, and that Baba would somehow arrange to pay Nariman-Meherjee Rs. 40,000 which they had already paid to the committee. Now in New Life Baba does not accept money from any one.

Baba therefore has decided to send Dr. Donkin to the West to collect the said amount from the disciples of his old life there. In short, Sadashiv Patel will get back his two houses for which Nariman-Meherjee (by Baba’s order) will not accept a pie from Sadashiv except the expenses they incurred in transferring and retransferring the houses, and Dr. Donkin will pay Nariman-Meherjee Rs. 40,000 after his return from the West.

This Circular and the accompanying one attached to this (Meher Baba’s Circular to His Old Life Western Disciples) is just for information for his old-life disciples, companions and Arrangementwalas of New Life in the East.


Meher Publications,
King’s Road,

Issued 28-7-1950.



When I began my New Life on Oct. 16th 1949, I decided that I would thenceforth neither receive money from any one, nor give it to any one. As a consequence of this decision, a provision of money was set aside before I began my New Life, in order that certain obligations might be fulfilled towards a number of my disciples and followers of the old life. This provision is now being managed by a specially chosen committee of old life disciples, who received full instructions from me before I .began my New Life.

Since my New Life began, there have arisen two new and most urgent cases for special help, for which no allowance was made in the original provision of money. These cases have arisen in connection w ith two disciples of nearly thirty years standing. For one of them a collection is now being made in India and Pakistan, and a sum of Rs. 35,000 is to be given to the disciple in question. Now that this second urgent case has arisen, I do not want to ask my old life disciples and followers in India and Pakistan for a further contribution.

I therefore want my disciples and followers in the West to relieve me of this second and final old life burden, by collecting a sum of not less than Rs. 50,000. Of this total, Rs. 40,000 will be paid to two members of the committee who are managing the provision mentioned in the first paragraph of this circular, for reasons that are given below. The balance of Rs. 10,000, and any surplus that may be collected over and above this, will be used (a) to cover the expenses of Dr. Donkin, who is flying to Europe and America to collect this amount of Rs. 50,000, and (b) for my work with the God-intoxicated, the mad, and the poor.

The reasons why I must pay Rs. 40,000 to these two committee members are briefly these: Sadashiv Patil, who became a disciple of my old life as far back as 1922, had for many years been asking me to accept three of his houses in Poona as a gift. At the time of the establishment of the provision of money before I set out on my New Life, I decided to accept part of this long- standing offer of Sadashiv, and instructed him to sell two of his three houses and pay the sum realized (which would be, he thought, about Rs. 40,000) into the provision of money mentioned in the first paragraph of this circular.

Sadashiv Patil, who had volunteered to join me in my New Life on Oct. 16th 1949, found that he could not complete the sale of these two houses before that date, and they were therefore transferred to the names of two of the members of the committee which manages the provision already referred to.

Since these two committee members found that they could not sell the property without considerable delay, they very generously paid Rs. 40,000 out of their own pockets into the provision referred to, so that the committee could honour its obligations in full and on time.

There then arose certain unforeseen complications that made it necessary for me to return this house property to Sadashiv Patil. As a consequence of this action on my part, there is now the sum of Rs. 40,000 which was paid by the two committee members into the provision referred to; a sum which must, in fairness to them, be paid back, because they have already sacrificed beyond their limits.

I therefore want all my old life disciples and followers in Europe and America (and elsewhere except India and Pakistan) to subscribe each a sum of not less than $100 and not more than $500 in America, or not less than 30 Pounds and not more than 150 Pounds in England, and equivalent minimum and maximum amounts in other European currencies.

Dr. William Donkin, a Companion in my New Life, is authorized by me to collect sums from all who freely and willingly wish to subscribe towards this minimum total of Rs. 50,000. When this sum is collected, the last and final burden of my old life will have been removed, and there will be no more calls for help of this kind from either East or West. My coming to the West in July 1951 is definite, and Elizabeth and Norina have undertaken to arrange this.

B A B A.

Meher Publications,
King’s Road,

((May God save us all from putting a price on our relationships with His Avatars, Saints, and Masters. vshr))


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