How Meher Baba Worked with the Masses

On the evening of Feb 17, 1937, at Nasik, after spending ten hours giving darshan and prasad, bowing down to the feet of all the masses who had come to his 43rd birthday celebration, and then spending six more hours supervising his mandali in setting up for the following day’s ongoing celebrations, Meher Baba met with his Western disciples, who were then living at Nasik unter the Master’s direction, in the dead of night, and said this (From: Lord Meher, p. 2106.):

The universal mind and infinite consciousness have infinite ways of working universally. Whatever work One who has a universal mind or infinite consciousness does is reverberated through the universe and produces reflex actions. If he fasts, the result of fasting is felt throughout the universe spiritually. A Master’s working is always for the spiritual end. If he observes silence the same result is brought about.

Now, the world is laboring under terrible economic chaos. To follow the spiritual path and to enable the mind to accept the spiritual, the material needs must, to some extent, be satisfied. Consequently, when I with my own hands give food and clothing to the poor, the result will be that the world will gain economic and material welfare. When I wash the mad and lepers, the effect will be that those of subnormal or abnormal consciousness will gain normal or supernatural consciousness, and the lepers will either get cured or their future births will be lessened.

When I ask any one of you to bathe a leper, your doing so serves a dual purpose. In the first place you are trained to tackle difficult work which ultimately, from the spiritual standpoint, results in the gradual elimination of your ego; and secondly, the habit of obeying my orders implicitly and unquestioningly is developed.

For example, if I ask you to observe silence and if your obedience is sufficiently grounded in that respect, I can then rely upon you to obey me in other similar difficult tasks. Also, since you are near to me and connected with me, your observance of the fast or silence, bathing of the lepers, et cetera, will affect the whole range of your work for me.

This is the only account that I have encountered of Meher Baba explaining how he did some of his universal work. Another aspect that is clear is his work with agents, which he was doing when he secluded himself, or went into an altered state and quivered his fingers. What I still don’t understand is the toxic symptoms that appeared to have killed him, if he actually died instead of going into a state of suspended animation, which seems to be not clear.

In 1937, WWII was about to break out. Baba had predicted that this would inevitably happen, and that it would be even fiercer than WWI. And what was WWII about, besides defeating Fascism? It was our way out of the Great Depression, was it not? FDR’s New Deal helped, but it was the new energy, the new capacity for first war production and then production in general, and the new working relationships across a whole generational cohort, all brought about by the War, that produced a new vigorous American economy that basically did not stop booming until Geo. W. Mega-Pig did it in several years ago.

And the whole atmosphere of this birthday celebration, as it is described in Lord Meher, was just like a war effort, with huge numbers of people being involved, and all hands being pushed to exhaustion and beyond, both in setting up for the mass programs which included weeks of preparing thousands of grain bundles, and in securing some sense of order during the birthday celebration itself.

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