“In His Service” et. al.

((Originally published on 23 Aug 13, to Meher Chowk – vshr))

I am in the process of finalizing pilgrimage arrangements, for the month of October, more or less, with an option to extend if there is a good reason to do that, which in fact I do not forsee.

Yesterday I recieved my copy of the current issue of “In His Service,” the Trust’s snailmail newsletter, which dates from Mani’s time, and which was a refreshing reminder of what the Trust was like before India got stupid, Motormouth got obligatory, and Bhau Kalchuri flooded the Web with gratuitious chat. It was dated July, but it was only written up to March. There wasn’t a single word in it about, or by, any member of the Kalchuri family. It was the usual very substantial, and very sane, discussion of the basic activites and intentions of the Trust. There were very noteworthy articles about Meher Baba’s Trust Deed which was the original founding document of AMBPPCT, and Meher Baba’s New Life Circular Letters, which have been published online, and which I wasn’t aware of. Find them here: AMBPPCT e-library.

Meher Baba’s New Life is a very important stage for me. This is the side of Meher Baba – the Renunciate or Buddhist side – that I feel closest to. I’m going to read through these and excerpt them, as I did with Lord Meher, and there will be a link on the bloghead menu to those excerpts and my comments about them if any. Although Bhau did write about the New Life in Lord Meher, he did not go through the New Life with Meher Baba, and it has become clear to me that one should go to the horse’s mouth about this very important stage in Meher Baba’s life and work.

I think it’s really worth going through and excerpting these outstanding and critical documents because what happens when you hit that link is that it downloads a PDF file, and how do I know that nobody ever reads the dumb PDF file? Of course, then with nice civilized HTML you’re also going to get my comments and attitudes, but hey, it could get worse, you know what I mean? Like, for example, not even knowing what my comments and attitudes were about, please, because you never read the dumb PDF file in the first place. I use open source software exclusively, and I can break the text out of a PDF file. No problem.

I don’t even know how I got my subscription to “In His Service,” but I suspect the raiding of pilgrimage records by Mani S. Irani and crew. This periodical has relentlessly tracked me everywhere, including across the big water to Hawaii from California, and I appreciate that. It is the longest-standing subscription that I’ve ever had in my life, and that’s appropriate because it’s about the most important relationship in my life – my relationship with Meher Baba and his Manifestation. According to the information on this periodical, back issues can be found on the Avatar Meher Baba Trust’s website at http://www.avatarmeherbabatrust.org or http://www.ambppct.org.

I am a firm believer in snail mail, and recent developments on the web should make it clear why. It’s as if I’ve lived through all this stupidity before. We should not be depending on email or the web for critical communications. When it gets this easy, it’s neither stable nor secure. In particular, there is no internet or email security in Meherabad. Motormouth’s trogdolytes read everything. You’re better off going to a public internet cafe in Ahmednagar than using any address in Meherabad, even your own dedicated service that you’ve bought and paid good money for.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,


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