This is from Lord Meher, pp 2395-6.

The following astounding document traces the lineage of Sufism Reoriented, Qutub by Qutub, all the back from Meher Baba to Mohammed the Prophet of God, through Ali, Moenuddin Chisti and Shirdi Sai Baba. It constitutes definitive proof that the person currently in charge of Sufism Reoriented, Carol Weyland, who is on record that “Sufism Reoriented has nothing to do with Islam,” cannot be a valid Murshida. – Vishveshwar


There is an esoteric document executed by a favored disciple of Nizam-ul-din that describes the spiritual lineage from the Prophet to Ali, and from Ali on down to Chishti, and Chishti’s line of Qutubs. The last to convey this Sufi gnosticism must have been Sai Baba of Shirdi. It is called Khilafat.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
       Praise be to God who disposed the aspiration of His friends
       from secondary things to existent things
       by self-reproach, beneficently restricting their cares
       to the One, the Tender.
Among them passes the chalice of love
       brimming from the generosity of the Beloved.
When night enfolds them, their hearts are kindled
       with the fires of longing,
       their eyes pour tears abundantly and
       the inner heart enjoys secret confidences.
They walk round the Pavilions of Power in thought,
       and never does there cease to be one among them
       who is empowered with the splendor of gnosis.
His trace appears in the land,
       and His light shines upon the horizons.
His tongue speaks with Truth,
       while he prays to God for mankind,
       that He will lead them from the darkness unto light
       and bring them near to the forgiving Lord.
Benediction be upon Muhammad, Messenger of Mercy,
       distinguished as the vice-regent of his Lord
       by the oath of allegiance;
       and blessing on the rightly-guided successors,
       who attained to every lofty station, and on his family
       who called upon their Lord morning and evening.
As for what follows: to call upon the One, the Omniscient,
       is one of the highest pillars of Islam, the firmest
       handhold of faith, as has come down from the Prophet:
By Him in whose hand is Muhammad’s life,
       if you wish I would assuredly swear to you
       that the servants of God dearest to Him are those
       who cause His servants to love God,
       and cause Him to love His servants on earth
       by good counsel and command.
“And God has praised His servants who say,
       and whoever follows after me. To God be glory!
       And I am not of the idolaters.” {Koran 12:108}
And following him can be by minding his words
       and following by his actions,
       averting one’s soul from all that exists except God,
       in devotion to the Adored.
Now our most noble son, pious, learned, well pleasing,
       and dedicated to the Lord of all being:
       Shams-al-Milla wa-l-Din Muhammad ibn-Yahya.
May God the One make light effulgent upon people
         of firm faith and piety:
         since he has made his way to us,
         and put on the robe of disciplehood at our hands
         and taken on the full share of our companionship;
And since he has undertaken to follow the Lord of created beings
         and fill his time with obedience and turn his heart
         from the promptings of his self and its thoughts,
         and turn from the lower world and its contingencies,
         not leaning upon men of this world or its rulers;
Since he has restricted himself to God in all things and
         the holy light illumined in his heart heavenly secrets
so that the door of understanding of divine instruction
         be made open to him;
It is permitted for him to grant the robe to disciples and
         guide them to stations of those confirmed in faith,
         as it was granted to me by him
         whose favors spread throughout the land,
         the splendor of whose miracles perfumed the horizons,
         that wanderer in realm of holiness
         whose thoughts declared the love of his Merciful Lord,
         he who was Pole of the earth and Sage of this world,
         our Sheikh Farid of Truth, of Law and of Spirit.
Sheikh Farid had bestowed the favor of his regard on me
         and clothed me with the robe;
         May God make fragrant his memory and
         appoint the fold of Paradise as his abode.
And he received the robe from the king of Sheikhs and
         Sultan of the Way,
         that Inspirer of the love of the Overpowering Lord,
         the Pole of spirituality was Sheikh Bhaktiyarushi
         (Qutub-ul-din Bhaktiyar).
who received it from the Moon of Gnostics and
         Aid of the Community and Spirituality, Hasan al-Sizji
         (Khwaja Mu’inuddin Chishti’s real name) who received it
         from the Proof of Truth to men, Uthman al-Haruni,
and he, Uthman, from the Speaker of the Word, Sharif al-Zandani,
and he, Sharif, from God’s Shadow upon men, Mawdud al-Chishti,
and he, Mawdud, from the King of Sheikhs of the people of
         certitude, Nasir al-Milla wa-l Din Yusuf al-Chishti,
and he, Nasir, from the Stay of the Pious
         and Example of the Elect, Abu Ahmad al-Chishti,
and he, Abu Ahmad, from the Lamp of the God-fearing,
         Abu Ishaq al-Chishti
and he, Abu Ishaq, from the Sun of the Poor, Ali-Dinawari,
and he, Ali-Dinawari, from the most Generous of the Faithful,
         Hubayra al-Chishti,
and he, Hubayra, from the Crown of the Righteous
         and Proof of the Lovers of God, Hudhayfa al-Mar’ashi,
and he, Hudhayfa, from the Sultan of Seekers and Proof Finders,
         Renouncer of Kingship and Power, Ibrahim ibn Adham,
and he, Ibrahim, from the Pole of Sanctity, excellent and virtuous
         and perceptive of all excellence, Fudayl ibn ‘Iyad,
and he, Fudayl, from the Pole of the World and exalted Sheikh,
         Abd al-Wahid ibn Zayd,
and he, Abd al-Wahid, from the Chieftain
         of the second generation after the Prophet,
         that Imam of the Learned, Hasan al Basri,
and he, Hasan, from the Prince of Believers, last of links
         to which is traced the sacred robe of every seeker,
         Ali ibn Talib, whose face God has taken.
May God keep holy their secrets, and preserve their lights
         until the Day of Resurrection.
And Ali received it from the Master of Messengers
         and Seal of the Prophets,
         the Model in following the Lord of all being,
Muhammad, the Chosen One, with all those who trace
         their descent from him and are guided by his example.
Whoever has not reached us, but reaches Maulana Sham al Din,
         we have made him, Maulana, our successor,
         and his powerful hand is the deputy of our hand,
         and following his judgment in this world and the next
         is a mark of veneration for us, for we have exalted him;
         and humbled him who regards not the worth of him
         we have regarded as worthy of being exalted.
God is the Favorer and Guide, who alone is sought for aid,
and in Him is our trust.

This was written at the lofty direction of Nizam-al Din Muhammad ibn-Ahmad, God exalt him, by the hand of the weak slave who hopes for his divine grace, Husayn ibn Muhammad al-‘Alawi al Kermani, on the 20th day of the month of Pilgrimage in 724 (1324).

Kermani was the scribe of Nizam-al Din ibn-Ahmad who wrote this down from the Sufi Master’s dictation.


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