*Lord Meher*

The following pages were excerpted from Lord Meher , Bhau Kalchuri’s epic 20-volume life of Meher Baba:

The Seven Realities

Meher Baba’s Last Words Before His Silence

The Conditions of Meher Baba’s New Life, aka the Buddhism of Meher Baba

The Song of the New Life

Meher Baba Wants War

Proof that Meher Baba Threw. People. Out.

Meher Baba vis-a-vis ‘No-No Boy’ Behavior

The Perfect Master’s Circle

The Origin of the Meherabad Dhuni on the 12th of the Month

Meher Baba: Maya is My Shadow

Maya is like a Bat!

Meher Baba’s Mysterious ‘Agents’

Ghani’s Letter to Ivy Duce of 29 Mar 48

How Rabia Martin Brought the Sufis to Meher Baba

Meher Baba’s Father Comes Out as a Sufi Dervish


Meher Baba’s Relationship with Moenuddin Chisti

Meher Baba’s Talk To Motion Picture Leaders at Pickfair, June 1932

Meher Baba’s Talk to Ambedkar of 06 Sep 32

Meher Baba’s Amazing Riff of 29 Jun 34

Meher Baba on Meditation

A Miracle by Meher Baba

Jal’s Miracle

Meher Baba on how the God-mad Feel

How Meher Baba Worked with the Masses

Meher Baba Discusses His Vagueness

Meher Baba and Rudyard Kipling on Poise

The Himalayas are no Longer Spiritual

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