Meher Baba and Lord Shiva (16 May 13)

(click image to enlarge) Shivaji was a minor advent of the Avatar of Vishnu. This outstanding image of Shivaji is in Poona, which was the capital of the Maratha Empire that he founded.

The reason why I write of this issue is that different people have been searching this site for it, and you can find it here, but it is scattered through the comments, I have never addressed it directly before this.

I take refuge with the Blissful Lord, the Ancient One, God, Khuda, the Highest of the High, who came before as Zarathustra, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and most recently as Meher Baba for us, and who will always come again, throughout all the vast reaches of space and time, because of His infinite love for us.

The idea that God is divided, for functional purposes, into the Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishu), and the Destroyer (Shiva Maheshvara) is stressed in Hinduism, but is also present in both Christianity and Islam as the Archangels Gabriel (the Creator), Michael (the Preserver), and Israfel (the Destroyer). The Archangels are the direct and virtually omnipotent agents of God, and are incapable of disobedience to Him. My Christian mother named me Michael because of her personal hopes for me, which were at odds with the purpose of my birth. Meher Baba, the author of the purpose of my birth, gave me one of the names of Lord Shiva through Bhau Kalchuri. He did that because my spiritual Path, which has been mine since the beginning of my career as an individuated creature, is the Path of Lord Shiva, which is the Path of Renunciation, i.e. the destruction of desires. It was the purpose of my birth to return to this Path, and to attain in it, and that outcome is predicted in my Jyotish birth chart. What is different about me in this life is my presence in the world. I am no longer a monastic, but I maintain monastice practices while living in the world. That difference has been wreaked on me by Meher Baba, in the face of my huge opposition to Him, but which opposition is now finally at an end. I may continue to whine as per a normal human being, but I am no longer capable of effectively opposing Him about this.

And what of Meher Baba Himself? What is His Path? All Paths are His. The Hindus consider Him one of the Avatars of Vishnu, the Preserver, in particular the Kalki or White Horse Avatar, and Meher Baba also said this of Himself.

But what SERIOUSLY needs to be understood about the Avatar of Visnu, currently named Meher Baba, is that this function of the Godhead has absolutely NO duty, intention, or capacity to preserve the status quo in any part or aspect of the Universe. What He preserves is His own intention with respect to creation, that is to say the progress of the human race towards the GOAL of creation, and this ALWAYS involves the destruction of the status quo in the Universe at the time of His birth because, BY DEFINITION OF THE AVATAR, THAT DIVINE FUNCTION, the Avatar ONLY takes birth when as the result of their individual and collective suffering, the cry has come from his creatures for absolute, paradigmatic, and structurally irreversible change, to clear their Path towards the Goal which has been pre-determined for them by God.

So pursuant to this, Meher Baba in his Discourses gave a new conception and new set of instructions for spiritual practice which is completely based on the destruction of sanskaras (mental impressions). He said that as a result of his universal Avataric work, three-quarters of the world would be destroyed. He said that this is the last cycle in a Great Cycle, and that therefore His Manifestation (i.e. the destruction of the status quo) would be the greatest, and that it would constitute something that “has never happened before.” He said that he had taken a minor incarnation as Shivaji, the creator of the Maratha Empire in midieval India. Shivaji was literally a Shaivite Hindu, and he destroyed the Moghul rule in north India, in order to prepare the ground for his later Advent as Meher Baba.

In his previous Advent as Lord Rama, the Avatar destroyed the entire race of demons headed by Ravana who were then ruling the world. As Lord Krishna, he destroyed the Kshatriya race which then ruled India. As Jesus Chirst, he destroyed both Judaeism and the Roman Empire as they then existed. As Mohammed, he destroyed the idolatry and inter-tribal divisions of the Arabs, who then very systematically destroyed all existing cultural and socio-political presumptions about reality throughout the entire Eurasian land mass. As Meher Baba, he has promised to destroy the whole presumption of fundamental divisiveness by which we are living by default, and by which we are actively being forced to live by the economic, social, cultural, and political powers that be.

To imagine that the Avatar of Vishnu does not do Lord Shiva’s work of destruction is to imagine divisions in the Godhead which exist only as artifacts of our limited human perception. To come to Meher Baba is to put everthing you have and are at risk for destruction, and that includes every single one of your limitations. Welcome to my world.

Jai Meher Baba,


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