Meher Baba Discusses His Vagueness

The following quotation of Meher Baba is from: Lord Meher, p. 2273 ff.

Vagueness, building plans in the air, regular shifts from one place to another, and changes from one plan to another are the principal traits and characteristics of all the Avatars. If one reads the lives of Avatars like Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad, and if one minutely marks the trend of events throughout their lives, it will be found that they had no definite program or any scheme or organization, except a purpose to spread their teachings and impress upon humanity the worthlessness of the world and worldly life, through the very vagueness of their own plans and schemes.

For ordinary people involved in organizations, definite plans are necessary to maintain the organizations according to the funds available. For this, plans are to be made in advance, all arranged ahead, to establish the organization and conduct it; otherwise, the whole scheme would fail.

But in the case of the Avatar, quite the contrary is true. His methods are strange, peculiar and quite the opposite of the world’s. First of all, Avatars do not plan anything, and if at all they do, it is all an outward show, a bluff – all without any sound basis or firm foundation, such as provision of funds, et cetera. All is in the air with the risk of apparent failure at any moment.

Yet, they do take the risk and indulge in the game, but their schemes hang in the air! And even if their schemes are going well and are on a sound basis, they may destroy them any moment. Such plans and schemes are created for some definite purpose as a means to a certain end. No sooner the end is achieved, the Avatars and Sadgurus will not continue running them, however flourishing they might be. Once their purpose is served, they are dropped. If the Avatars and Sadgurus prepared their schemes on a safe, firm, sound, permanent basis, what would the difference be between them and ordinary human beings?

None of the past Avatars like Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus or Muhammad ever did this. Their lives and work are all full of hectic movements and gestures that were entirely vague,

with no sound basis behind them in the material sense, except a great purpose which every Sadguru and Avatar has, which is their mission in life; that is, to depict and prove the transitoriness and falseness of the world and all its things, through the very vagueness of their own moves and schemes. Thereby mankind turns to sound, solid causes of the Life Eternal and its attainment through a spiritual life. By the capricious plans and vacillating ways of the Masters, they prove that this changing world and everything in it is illusion! They then lead the aspirants toward the stable and lasting values of the spiritual life and guide them toward Realization.

Krishna was either occupied with playing with the gopis or thinking of war. Jesus too had no definite plan – reread the Sermon on the Mount. Muhammad was absolutely vague, always on the run, to the extent of one marriage here and one there, and so on. All vague, but all the same with a definite precise purpose behind it.

I, too, am like them! I build on sand or in the air, planning schemes without at times a penny in my pocket or without any definite arrangement for future maintenance if started at all. And even when established, I break it up, or abandon it. Plans were laid for Meherabad, the school, ashram, hospital, the Nasik Retreat – all were well planned, but all were broken up and pulled down the instant the purpose was served, as I alone know.

But people cannot grasp it and misunderstand. That is how the Avatar’s work is always misunderstood and misjudged by the world. The work of the Avatar always goes unappreciated in his lifetime. So it is with mine.

If a Nehru or Nariman shaves or cuts a poor Untouchable’s hair, the press and the public hail them as saviors of mankind. But a Sai Baba or Upasni Maharaj doing the same work silently in secluded spots would neither be noticed nor appreciated – rather ridiculed and overlooked. On the contrary, they would be criticized. Such is the world, going after glamour and outward show, and giving undue importance to ordinary things because they are being done by individuals who in the public’s eyes are great.

This was in resonse to Elizabeth Patterson and Norina Machabelli, who were living in Meherabad at the time (1938), and who wanted to establish a Spiritual Center to serve the needs of His lovers world-wide. Baba then promised to look into it, and of course, nothing ever materialized.

Qutubs establish a seat from which they work, and by tendency the Avatar never does. Where is the seat of Jesus Christ, Mohammed the Prophet of God, Buddha, Rama, or Krishna? All of these Avatars were homeless all their lives! One of the things which makes the Advent of Avatar Meher Baba different, and we should understand this, because it is a sign that his Manifestation will be, as he said, something that has never been seen before, is that despite all his verbalization to the contrary, MEHER BABA IS THE ONLY AVATAR IN RECORDED HISTORY WHO DID ESTABLISH HIS SEAT!

In fact the first thing he did after gathering his circle in the ’20’s, was to acquire the use of the property at Meherabad which gradually evolved into his seat. Of course, he didn’t act like a Qutub with respect to it at all. In general, he found every excuse in the world not to abide at Meherabad. He travelled constantly to other places, whether it was on mast hunts throughout India, voyages abroad, or visits to places in Asia outside India. Whenever he did actually abide somehwere, it was never Meherabad. It was either some temporary Ashram elsewhere like at Rahuri or Nasik, or some place of seclusion like his Tiger Valley cave in Panchgani, or Portofino, Italy, or else his residence at Meherazad later in his life. Whenever he did actually put in an appearance at Meherabad, he never abode there in peace. He only went there to change things around, yet again. Different sets of people were ordered to come and go, and different detailed routines, and different schools, ashrams, and service functions were temporarily established on some new basis every single time he showed up there and in the midst of that, he often went into seclusion somewhere on the property. Soon, in fact often far sooner than he had led everybody to believe, everthing would be concluded, the structures would be torn down yet again, and he would be off again, on God knows what new stage of his work. Physical structures were constantly being built and torn down at Meherabad, and this often went on in his absence as well. During his life, Meherabad was more like a movie set than the recognizable seat of a Master.

But the difference with Meher Baba, from all other Avatars we know about, is that after the dust settled after the end of his work in the body, there is now this definite fixed place, Meherabad, centered around his Samadhi (tomb), which can be recognized as his Seat. Meher Baba’s spiritual radience constantly pours out across the earth from this one fixed and identifiable place. And why? Because we will need it, that’s why. This is what will remain fixed and stable through the changes to come, and it is on the strength of the spiritual transmission from Meherabad that the subsequent new world order will be built.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai


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