Meher Baba on Meditation

The following was given by Meher Baba in 1940, and is quoted from: Lord Meher p. 2608 ff.

Those who can meditate should do so. Those who cannot, should repeat my name for half an hour. You must meditate daily, but the day I come to visit you, it doesn’t matter.

For some, meditation is suitable, for others, it is not; and a very few enjoy it. The meaning of meditation is to go within yourselves, right inside of you. Those who love God, that love takes them within.

In some ashrams like Madurai and Pondicherry, there are actual meditation classes. But meditation has never yet made a person one with God! Hafiz said to the Sufis,

If you have the whim to achieve union with God,
become as the dust at the feet of One
who has become united with Him!”


Meditation gives peace and some inner revelation to some fortunate ones. Aurobindo has written in his book, “I am trying to attain to that state through meditation.” If Illumination is attained through meditation, it is no small thing. The meaning of meditation is to go deep within one’s self. It is self-hypnotism in the divine way – to lose yourself. Meditation

Aurobindo is on the sixth plane, not by the state of a wali-mast, but by meditation. Chatti Baba ((a mast of the 6th plane -vshr)) never meditated, yet he sees God all day and night. And, though both are on the sixth plane, there is a great difference between them. Love gives permanence, meditation gives samadhi. After union with God, complete permanency exists, whether you come down to gross consciousness or not. If you come down, you bring God with you!

Aurobindo writes beautifully about the “deep valley” between seeing God and God Himself. He says, “We cry out on this side: ‘O God, we see You but cannot come to you! So, at least you come to us!’ ”

And God replies, “I always come as Ram, Krishna, Buddha, and others.”

Sufis do not give a damn for meditation; they love!

Meditation is good. If you love and meditate, there is no harm. If you love and do not meditate, there is no harm. But don’t meditate as if you have taken quinine powder! Meaning that it is something to somehow or other be done with and gotten over. If you are interested in meditation, you ought to do it with joy. If you do not like meditation, then you have to take my name; and if you love me, taking my name ought to give you joy. Do it when and where you like.

The general sense of this is identical to the consensus, with respect to practice, of the Broad Chinese Mahayana in real time, if you take Meher Baba to be equal to Amitabha Buddha, which is what Baba has most definitely said about himself.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!


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