Meher Baba Promoted to “Mystic Master” in Indian Mainstream Press

Source: The Economic Times, 18 Sep 13

According to the mystic master Meher Baba, who was born in Pune in 1894, it was through Pendya that Krishna began the practice of giving prasad: once when Krishna was in the company of four of his dearest devotees, a rishiwho lived in the mountain fastness came down for the Lord’s prasad. The ascetic had lived so long in meditation that his eyelashes had grown downwards; ants had made their home on his body.

Krishna replied that prasad was solely meant for his devotees. The rishi begged Krishna’s favourite disciple to intercede on his behalf. Krishna had to permit this because he couldn’t refuse his devotees. The rishi got illumination and all of mankind got blessed with Krishna’s prasad ever after. The mystic poet Ras Khan made the same point in his love lyrics praising the Lord.

I don’t know where this came from, or whether it is accurate. The point is that now Meher Baba is accepted as a spiritual authority in general, as opposed to Deeprak Chopra’s “Sufi Master” of five years ago. In the past, a Google news search for “Meher Baba” typically yielded nothing but “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” drivel. But today there are dozens of quotes by Meher Baba – more or less accurate, and on all subjects – routinely appearing in general lists of pious aphorisms in mainstream publications east and west.

This was the part of Meher Baba’s Manifestation that was best beloved of Eruch Jessawalla, Baba’s Peter, who when asked what Meher Baba’s Manifestation was, said, “When Meher Baba is known in the same way that Krishna and Jesus are now known, that will be His Manifestation.” My middle name happens to be Peter, and I chose that name for myself for my Christian confirmation as a child, and the current broader recognition of Meher Baba is something that I have blogged for for well over a decade, by systematically dragging His Name into conjunction with anything at all. Yes, me! I confess! I am guilty of that! I have pushed this river. That is why I have had zero time for secret Meher Baba Facebook groups and the official and irresponsible “Don’t Worry Be Happy” drivel of AMBPPCT.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!



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