Meher Baba Wants War

Meher Baba said this, which can be found here to his Mandali in the middle of 1939, on the eve of the outbreak of WWII:

I, as Krishna, ordered Arjuna to kill. As Christ, I told Peter to give his other cheek to be slapped, but the truth underlying both is the same. Haven’t people changed since then? No, people are not advanced, but they have changed.

The world now is going back to its barbarous attitude and so, over and over again, it is life’s changes. But what Krishna teaches in the Gita is divine; it goes deep down. It says you can become God if you love me, follow me, surrender to me. There is no other way. Disciples must do as the Master orders – not imitate. Arjuna took up his bow willingly and obeyed, knowing with perfect knowledge that he was not killing. Detached, he had to do this for their spiritual good – no lust for killing, nor duty, but pure detachment to do Krishna’s work.

If you are a perfect follower of non-violence, you give an oath that you would not hurt any creature. However, if you saw one dog killing three cats, what would you do – kill the dog? If you stood aside, you would allow the killing of the three cats. What, Elizabeth, would you do? If you keep silent, you are helping to kill three cats. If you kill the dog, you are violent.

There is a tiger among a herd of cattle and you have a gun in your house that you do not touch, however, because of your oath of non-violence. You know you can kill the tiger and save the herd. What would you do? Kill the tiger, but detached – this is what Krishna teaches. Do not follow violence or non-violence, just be detached. You must kill for the good of the herd. In the case of Arjuna, it was for the spiritual good of others, who were like tigers of lust and greed.

Is it right to go to war? Go to war if called and you cannot avoid it, but do not fight for the sake of killing. You just help and kill detached, or be killed without fear and anger toward the killer. Few, very few, can do so. Why do I want war? To make things right for spiritual progress and advancement.

Krishna was the Avatar who kicked off the dreadful Kali Yuga, which is characterized by war, and which we have just endured the absolute nadir of. The vibratory level of this planet is now gradually starting to rise, for the first time since long before the beginning of recorded history. Eventually, thousands of years from now, we will transition out of the Kali Yuga altogether, and so leave behind the need for war, but for the forseeable future, war is the condition of the planet on which we live.

War is how God purifies the earth. The good elements clump together on one hand, and the evil elements clump together on the other, and then they fight, and on this particular planet, and this one alone, good ultimately prevails because of the presence of the spiritual hierarchy in our midst.

To be a spiritual aspirant on earth is to be a warrior. It is not to be a contented cow. To be a real Sufi is to fight for the Truth you know, every single day of your life, as did Rabia Martin, as did Inayat Kahn, as did Samuel Lewis, as did Vera Corda, as did Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, as did Meher Baba and all the Qutubs of the glorious Chistia lineage without exception, in one unbroken succession all the way back to Muhammed the Rasool-Allah, and with one unified cry on all of their lips and in all of their hearts: Allah hu Akbar!

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai


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