Meher Baba’s Mysterious ‘Agents’

The following is from Lord Meher, pp 1839-40:

… Baba sat among the fountains and gardens of the crowded Plaza de Catalina (Madrid) until it was time to leave for the train. It was then that a policeman in the plaza kept glancing at Baba in an indefinably significant way, and Baba confirmed that this was the agent whom he had to contact.

On one occasion, Meher Baba explained about his agents:

As holders of distinct and different offices, agents carry out important work for the Avatar. Upon the death of an agent, his office is automatically filled by a successor; for just as there is always an Avatar, so also there are always his agents.

There are three types of agents:

(1) Direct agents, of whom there are very few. There is one in Europe, one in Asia, one in America, one in Africa – in fact, one on almost every important continent. These agents receive directions directly from the Avatar.

(2) Indirect agents, of whom there are few. They receive orders from the direct agents.

(3) Borrowed agents, of whom there are many. They receive orders from the indirect agents.

The principal agents are always on the fourth plane, and through the powers that they wield on this plane, they act for the Avatar. They may even do miracles for him, since the Avatar almost never performs miracles; but if he wished to do so, he must actually station himself on the fourth plane at the time of doing the miracle.

The agents are on the fourth plane only because of the necessity of using certain of their powers for the work of the Avatar. They are not in the position of those (mahayogis) on the spiritual path who, when they reach the fourth plane, may use their powers for good, or may misuse them and fall back to a very primitive state of evolution – stone-form.

((Editing on 5 Jul 15 – on further consideration, this paragraph implies to me that the 4th-plane agent is actually mental-conscious (5th plane or better), but is stationed on the 4th plane by the Avatar for his work, and that on taking the Agent job, he or she was advanced to the stage of non-retrogression (i.e., the mental world), but at the same time veiled back to 4th-plane consciousness. The person is actually a Saint, but won’t know it until that nasty wet-work on the 4th plane is over. Such veiled individuals literally don’t know their own strength, and so the Master sometimes has to direct them in real time from beyond their conscious minds. In my opinion, that’s what Baba was doing when He got into those dreadfully intense moods when He would be abstracted from His immediate environment, His fingers would quiver, His expression became rigid, stern and grey, and the ambient energy became so fierce that those with him hardly dared to breath. That’s the energy field of the 4th plane. -vshr)).

Baba also indicated that the various agents whom he had contacted who were stationed in Sing-Sing Prison, Lugano, Santa Margherita and Barcelona were all borrowed agents. The one in Warsaw, whom Herbert Davy contacted, was an indirect agent. The Italian, named “Christiano,” whom Baba contacted in Rome, was a direct agent.

Nowhere else have I seen anything intelligible about Baba’s mysterious agents. The principal agents move in the shadow world of the 4th plane – the most dangerous and hidden vibratory environment that exists, and clearly they are enforcers, because the only thing that happens on the 4th plane is power, and the only legitimate use of that power is to do the wishes of someone advanced above the 4th plane but the denizens of the 4th plane do not necessarily do that. Baba has mentioned elsewhere that 4th planers can harrass the Saints (Walis) of the 5th plane.

So where do these comparatively civilized 4th plane agents of the Avatar come from anyway? I don’t really know, but here’s my best guess: these people are products of the Avatar’s unique flair for universal relationship. I think they encounter Him on the inner planes and are smart enough to see that here is somebody who cannot be messed with whatsoever at all, and they’re also attracted, but the deal is that to benefit from his company they have to do what he wants. The 4th plane is a very gangland world, please. Everything that happens there is enacted in terms of raw power. And so there are these very gangland rituals about presenting your carcase before the Boss, and we find Baba doing this all over America and Europe with these agents who can look like anything at all, and who never do more towards Baba than grunt and/or enact some perfectly ritual behavior, end of contact.

The universal reward that is given to 4th planers who serve someone up the chain of command in the spiritual hierarchy is advancement to the fifth plane or better. I think the Avatar, while being more demanding than other Masters, also pays better, i.e., I think that his agents could easily get bumped up all the way to the 6th plane upon honorable discharge. In fact, that’s what makes sense to me, because to get attracted to the Avatar from some place like the 4th plane, they would have had to have had a natural flair for love, and the 6th plane is the domain of unfettered Divine Love.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!


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