Meher Baba’s Relationship with Moenuddin Chisti

((The above graphic is of Meher Baba at the Qutub Minar in Delhi. In my opinion this site is about the principle of lineage in Islam and Sufism. I have included it here especially with reference to the “Don’t worry, be happy” phreaks in the current (Aug 2013) Meher Baba Community and its Bhaucult – vshr))

As near as I can tell the following narrative starts on 6 Jun 35:

Lord Meher, p. 1962 CHISHTI’S TOMB – AJMER

Baba departed at 9:30 P.M. from Bombay on the Frontier Mail train with Chanji, Gustadji and Raosaheb. Although Baba’s destination was kept strictly secret from his lovers, he indicated to them that he was going “somewhere in the Himalayas.” In actuality, Baba was on his way to Mount Abu.

Travelling through the night, Baba and the mandali had to change trains in Ratlam for Chitorgarh to continue to Udaipur, where they stayed at the Fatah Memorial Serai. A search was made for a secluded spot with water nearby. But when no such place was found, they proceeded to Ajmer.

In Ajmer, Baba went to the tomb of the Qutub Khwaja Mu’inuddin Chishti to pay his respects. While he was inside, two bearded old men suddenly appeared and stood on both sides of Baba’s taxi. When Baba came out from the dargah, the driver went inside to pay his obeisance. The two old men maintained their silent vigil beside the car. Gustadji, Raosaheb and Chanji were surprised by the men’s odd behavior. But Baba remarked in cryptic fashion, “They have been sent by Khwaja Chishti to serve me during my stay here.”

In general, Meher Baba always visited this Qutub’s Samadhi whenever he passed through Ajmer, but this is the first evidence that I’ve found that there was something unusual going on with this particular place. I am not aware of Meher Baba visiting any other Samadhi sites, not even those of his own Gurus, the way he visited that of Khwaja Mu’inuddin Chishti.

It is my belief that Qutub Khwaja Mu’inuddin Chishti actually did not die in the ordinary sense of that word. Only the physical form died, but that Qutub is still there in his universal subtle body and his universal mind, and he’s still directing the Chistia lineage. If you as an advanced Sufi with lineage responsibilites in that lineage go there, you can recieve transmission of Gnosis and Divine Energy with respect to that responsibility. That is what Khalif Samuel Lewis did in the 1950’s, in response to being effectively offed and thrown out of Inayat Khan’s Sufi Order by Terry and Ivy Duce, and I believe that among all the contacts that he made miscellaneously with various lineages, many of them not even Sufi, this is the one which bore fruit in him, because this lineage was his first love and the first root of his empowerment altogether.

The result of this (which I am unable to blame on Murshid Samuel, please) has been a schism of the Chistia lineage in America, in which only one side of the schism (Sufi Ruhaniat International) traces its empowerment to Khwaja Mu’inuddin Chishti and Ajmer. The other side (Sufism Reoriented) traces its empowerment to Meher Baba. But if Meher Baba had this kind of relationship with Khwaja Mu’inuddin Chishti, then what is this schism finally about, please, if not a perfectly ordinary and perfectly human, albeit rather unnecessary squabble, between a couple of lineage holders in the same lineage, both of whom are now deceased?

(Updating on 8 May 12) There is a lot more material, which more directly addresses this question of lineage, in Lord Meher, in a long riff that centers around this page: Chistia’s Spiritual Lineage. It turns out that Meher Baba was the direct lineage descendant of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, through Shirdi Sai Baba.

Carol O’Connor visited Meherabad in December of 2011 while I was also there, garbed out like an art-deco version of an ancient Egyptian queen, and with several hundred cultists in tow. The latter had been cherry-picked for complete ignorance of the entire history of what has transpired between Sufism Reoriented and Meher Baba’s Mandali, and ran witlessly around in lemming-packs qvelling about their Murshida, in between multiple side trips, and bringing a collection of exceedingly ethereal music to Aarti.

I think that Carol O’Connor’s contact with Bhau Kalchuri saved her life. She looked and felt like she was dying of AIDS when she arrived, but had improved greatly before she left. I did not avoid her, but neither did I seek to meet her. I consider the woman beneath my attention unless and until she gets her SO blessed cojones on board this matter of her lineage. Sufism is not about real estate, cultural dominance, or being different. It is about realizing God. It is about becoming a Qutub in your own right. Since Sufism Reoriented has not yet produced a Qutub, the only thing of value that it can pursue is the guidance of existing or pre-existing Qutubs, including what Meher Baba wrote in the Sufi Charter that he gave to Murshida Ivy Duce. The Charter directs the Sufis to read and take direction from the writings of traditional Muslim Sufis. Meher Baba himself, in his dealings with Murshida Duce, was acting primarily as the latest Qutub in the Chistia lineage, and only secondarily as the Avatar.


Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!


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