Meherabad, the Greatest Pilgrimage Site on Earth, Bar None! (10 Apr 13)

(click image to enlarge)

You may go to Jerusalem, and you may go to Mecca, and you may go to Dharamshala, and you may go wherever, but you just don’t have any realtime standards about pilgrimage yet, until you’ve gone to Meherabad.

In going back through my old pilgrimage photos in the ongoing project of posting most of them to Flickr, I came across the little jewel above. This reflects my feelings about first seeing this sign after well over a decade of being lapsed from Meherabad. Shucks, follks, I purely do believe that I just have a natural aptitude for both propaganda and attitude! Of course nobody else in Meherabad EVER has any attitude, that goes without saying, you know what I mean?

More than three years later, most of what I wrote on this graphic turned out to be directly or indirectly prophetic. The Sufis did in fact pursue me to Meherabad several years later, after being jolted out of their compacency, by my inditements of their ignorance of their own doctrine and history, on my other blog, and there were some real attitude artists among them. And as it turns out, there are the equivalent of lama-banged nuns at Meherabad anymore, and some of them have even had the bad manners to be on my case.

But none of that is ever going to be something other than a minor irritation at Meherabad. What’s happening there is the direct Manifestation of God, in your own personal case. And yes, ultimately we do bring the Sufi-wannabees and the lama-banged nuns that are ours to Meherabad with us. That’s part of the deal. What they do when they get there is their own affair. Hopefully, they take Darshan of Meher Baba and get over themselves.

When you bow down at Meher Baba’s Samadhi on Meherabad Hill, he takes some of your sanskaras, i.e., the limitations of your mind. It’s painless, and usually you don’t even see or feel it go by. But then what inevitably happens is that, just in going about your life, that some of your previous limitations just aren’t there. It can take months to figure out which previous internal sources of your own suffering are simply no longer there for you. It’s what they call in the New Age Movement a “Journey of Discovery.” But I call it what Meher Baba called it, i.e. Awakening as in “I come not to Teach but to Awaken” which is what is ENGRAVED on the marble slab over the crypt where he is buried, and where you will bow down.

And when I write “engraved” I do mean ENGRAVED. One of the more idiotic of the yippy buzzwords that has pervaded US parlance is “Nothing is ever engraved in stone.” Hello? Sleep-walkers? Stop repeating mindless cliches peddled to you by those who are, fundamentally and beyond recall, even more idiotic than you would already be if simply left to your own devices, OK? There’s just never ever going to be any payoff from their bullshit. And you will go to Meherabad and bow down to an engraved slab of marble under which God is buried, if you want to come by me. Get used to it.

Jai Jai Meher
Vishveshwar, 10 Apr 13


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