Mehera’s Birthday 2013

((Originally posted to Meher Chowk on December 25, 2013 – vshr))

I decided not to write anything about these programs on 21 and 22 December, because I did not have a relationship with Mehera. But I did get some good photos at ‘Zad, q.v. below. This was a case in which I was trying to take at least some shots of human beings. There were other events in this celebration, one at Hostel D, and one at the Meher Baba’s gaadi shed near the Samadhi, but neither of them was amenable to photography. There was a lot of intense sharing in the gaadi shed, which shed a lot of light on Meher’s unique personality and role, but if I tried to write about ithat, I would only wind up distorting it. There are already enough misconceptions about Mehera floating around, without my contributions in that area.

(Click smaller images to enlarge)


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