Michael Lawrence Langan, M.D.

From his Gravatar account:

Michael Lawrence Langan, M.D.
Boston, Massachusetts
M.D. Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital 1997-2013. Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine

Dr. Langan is a solid and committed family man. For proof of that, please review the photo album on his Gravatar account.

Here is Dr. Langan’s informal summary of his career that can be found at the end of his Curriculum Vitae:

I am a geriatric physician who specializes in the care of elderly patients. After completing my training in geriatric medicine at Harvard Medical School I joined the faculty at MGH and HMS, where I provide clinical care and supervise trainees. I am an attending physician at Lighthouse and Eastpointe Skilled Nursing facilities where I care for both short-term rehabilitation and long term care patients.

My primary and long-standing interest has been in geriatric medicine. I enjoy teaching and have worked with medical students, house staff and nurse practitioner students at both MGH and SRH. One of my primary interests in public health has been in the detection and prevention of adverse drug events in the elderly. I wish to become involved in the issue of adverse drug events as a matter of public policy.

I have a longstanding interest in medical error and responsible medication use in the elderly including detecting errors of omission (such as not prescribing osteoporosis medications, ACE inhibitors, statins, beta blockers, pneumovax to the elderly when they should be prescribed) and commission (prescribing benzodiazepines, NSAIDs, sedative hypnotics when they should not be prescribed).

The entire document is well worth reviewing, because it is an example of the solidity of the mainstream ethical values and lifestyles of the the people who are beginning to be interested in Meher Baba. Out of all the many items listed in that long and productive record, here is the one that most hits me on the nose:

         Clinical Supervisory and Training Responsibilities

1999-2007 - Inpatient preceptor for Harvard Medical School 
            Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residents

2000-2007 - Outpatient preceptor for MGH Residents 
            One half day session per week 

Nobody can rise to those responsibilities at a place like Harvard Medical without having consistently demonstrated solid ethical values throughout an entire exemplary career of medical practice.

But even more striking for me personally is that this busy medical professional and dedicated family man logged on as my follower on Christmas Eve, which most probably means that he was either with his family, or taking time away from them, when he did it.

Merry Christmas to you too, Dr. Langan! I admire you, not only as a prominent mainstream physician of proven ethical integrity, but as one of the tiny minority of such people who has stuck to his original specialty and returned in glory to his alma mater.

May you and your entire family become ever more prosperous with every passing day, may your patients receive their treatment and pay their bills on time as a matter of course, may you always enjoy the company of courteous and friendly peers, and may both insurance companies and government agencies always always bring a respectful and service-oriented attitude to their business with you.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar, Christmas Day 2014


2 Responses to Michael Lawrence Langan, M.D.

  1. I just saw this! Thank you very much! I appreciate your well wishes and send mine your way–Michael

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