Mother-love in the New Life

((This is from #8, p.4 -vshr))

Manjri Mafi
Friday 14th April 1950.

The morning was cool, pleasant and refreshing. The sun was rising graciously with all his splendour flung all around. The gentle breezes were playing with the young leaves of trees and the bees were humming about flowers. There was sweet scent in the air.

Baba came to our quarters at 7 in the morning, and told everyone that they should remain cheerful under all conditions and circumstances, and they should never lose their temper and get annoyed. He then turned to Eruch and enquired whether he would feel in the New Life if he ever came to know that his mother died. He replied that according to the conditions of the Plan III, he should not and would not feel. Then Baba asked Murli whether he would feel his father’s death; he also replied in the negative. Afterwards Baba turned to Vishnu and asked him whether he would feel if ever he came to know that his mother died. Vishnu also answered in the negative. Baba again asked him whether he was telling the truth because in New Life, lies and vague replies are forbidden. Vishnu still maintained that he would not feel his mother’s death in New Life. Thereupon, Baba gently told him that Don told him yesterday that he had received a wire from Adi Sr., informing that Kaku, Vishnu’s mother, had passed away.

Vishnu received the news of his mother’s death calmly and serenely. When he spoke to Baba, his voice was steady and never even once broke or trembled. His face was calm and eyes were clear. Everyone admired his courage and the strength of his heart. He used to love his mother very much, though he never showed it or expressed it openly. Only God knows what he must have been feeling since he heard the sad news of his mother’s death. Not a trace of emotion was seen on his face.

The New Life is such that one cannot show the feelings outwardly. Baba commented that Donkin ought not to have told him anything concerning the people of old life whom he had left behind. Baba then embraced Vishnu and praised his courage and control, remarking that he never thought of leaving Baba and signed ‘Yes’ even though his mother was old and very ill at that time. Vishnu as usual went to the town on his duty for the ladies’ bazar. Throughout the day he never showed any feelings or expressed sorrow or unhappiness in any manner. …


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