New Life Circulars

In excerpting Meher Baba’s New Life Circulars, I have stripped out personal and anecdotal material by and about individuals, whom we after all do not know, and have selected for Meher Baba’s dharma in His New Life, that is the principles and rules that he enunciated and enforced. Do we know about and understand the three Plans, the two quite distinctive sets of Fixed Conditions, and the 20 conditions for begging, for example?

I fear that if we do not master this level of material, we may be misled by “Don’t Worry Be Happy” fanatics, who may exploit our ignorance to separate us from Meher Baba’s wish and will for us.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, 24 Aug 13

((Editing on 22 Feb 14 – post-Bhauji yours truly finds that he can no longer have such a cavalier attitude about the way the Master worked with people, and my recent excerpts reflect that. -vshr))

New Life Circulars (PDF file) (all of the pages below are HTML breakouts from this file, which includes all of the New Life Circulars that were issued.)

The End of the New Life – 31 Jan 52

The Manonash Stage Begins – 16 Oct 51

First declaration of the Manonash Stage – 28 June 1951

The Abolition of the Three Plans – Mahabaleshwar, 16 Oct 1950

How Meher Baba Dealt with Greed and Financial Opacity

Mother-love in the New Life

Meher Baba’s Legendary Intro to New Life Circular #5 (graphic file)

Meher Baba’s Legendary Intro to New Life Circular #5 (HTML)

Baba’s Letter to Manek Mehta about Choosing a Plan

Initial New Life Conditions, 26-30 Dec. 1949, Benares

Sarnath – Dec. 1949: Initiation and Conditions for Membership in the Order

The 20 Conditions for Begging, 18 Dec 1949

The Three Plans

Fixed Conditions of the Three Plans

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