Of Bhauji’s Failing Health (7 Jul 13)

((Editing on 2 Feb 14 – I find it HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT that it was IMMEDIATELY AFTER this post that Motormouth Kalchuri started a rumour that Bhauji was already dead, according to a reliable source at Meherabad in late November 2013 -vshr))

This was in yesterday’s email from dearest Mother C:

Subject: Update on Bhauji’s health No visitors please
Date: Saturday, 6 July 2013

Note: Although Bhau will not participate in tomorrow’s Chat, the Chat Room will be open on Sunday [as it is 24/7/365] for dear ones to text among themselves or leave get well wishes. Details below Bhau’s Health Announcement.


Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai,

Dear ones of Meherabad, Meherazad and Baba’s Family worldwide,

We regret to inform you that Bhauji is still quite ill, and is taking a course of antibiotic treatment for his serious urinary tract infection, with consideration for his kidney issues.

Therefore, he is unable to receive any visitors at present, and it is most unlikely that he will recover enough to see any people during Silence Day week. (Please do notify all at Meherabad, “No visitors until further notice.”)

He has many good doctors, nurses and caregivers and is resting comfortably in his own room. His wife, Rama, is with him often to give him food and sing for him and Baba. Bhau does not wish to go to hospital. By Baba’s Grace, he is talking occasionally, walking a little, his appetite has returned, and his “infinite sweetness” continues to manifest in many ways. He does still seem to be in a kind of internal seclusion much of the time.

Yesterday he said, “Everything is done in the proper way. Everything is properly arranged.”

A few times he has said, “I am going, I am going to leave.” And he said, “Let us go to our place….”

Last night he was asking his caretakers, “Where is saathi?” “Where is my friend?”

Bhauji spoke to Mehernath in New York City on the phone last night. Mehernath reminded him that he will be returning on 13thJuly, and Bhauji told him, “I will be here.”

We are doing our best and leaving the rest to Beloved Baba. We know that anything can happen with Bhauji and Baba, according to His Will. Your prayers to Beloved Baba are very valuable and appreciated.

In Beloved Baba’s Compassionate Love,
Mother C (Creator [Janice])
and All of Bhauji’s Team

This is the second week in a row that Bhau has not been able to make his chat session, which I think he’d almost rather do than breathe. In a previous letter, dearest Mother C cited three presenting health problems of Bhauji: heart, bowel, and urinary. I think that’s a pretty lethal trifecta for someone with Bhau’s age and medical history.

Mother C has become a saintly character as a result of her whole-hearted, whole-minded, whole-life-force service to Bhau. She reminds me of Mani anymore, which is to say that she is the only one at the Trust who could tell me what to do anymore. I have no respect left for any of the Trustees, all of whom are complicit in the complete degradation of the institutional culture that has been brought about by Mehernath’s inappropriate participation as a Trustee.

I will not run to India because Bhau is once more at risk for dying. This has been going on for years, and God alone knows when it will finally come to an end. I am scheduled to go on pilgrimage again in October, with Bhau’s knowledge and approval. If Bhau dies when I am not in India, however, I will immediately drop everything in Hawaii to go to Bhauji’s funeral, and once there, will remain there for several months at least.

For better or worse, I am part of Bhau Kalchuri’s legacy. The name Vishveshwar that Meher Baba gave me through Bhau is not simply my personal Dharma name. It is the lineage name of the first Patriarch of a new Buddhist lineage from Meher Baba as Maitreya Buddha, currently called the Broad Maitreya Meditation Society. Bhau’s Spiritual Training Programme, based on the ethics of Meher Baba’s New Life, is to the Broad Maitreya Meditation Society what the Rule of St. Benedict is to the Catholic Church: the written statement of its sacred renunciate culture. The rest of Bhau’s writings, with the exception of Lord Meher, and the rest of his administrative legacy, are of no value to me. Bhau Kalchuri’s chat sessions, in particular, have been a pure waste of my time. Bhau is essentially a Bhakta, and every single one of his natural tendencies, when he is not being directly interfered with by Meher Baba, are of no value whatsoever to a Dnyani like myself.

Jai Jai Meher,

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