Of *Fana* and God-absorption

        Let me be but an eye to see His face, 
        Let me be but a voice to call His name.
                                       --Traditional Sufi saying

        By my eye's Fana may He compassionately regard the world,
        By my voice's Fana may He speak His Word.
                                       --Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, 
                                         14 Dec 14

Fana simply means annihilation, It it the among the deepest and least understood concepts in traditional Sufi esotericism. My use of Fana here is specifically about Fana-fillah, the final annihilation of the ego that immediately precedes God-Realization. What the Sufi tradition means by Fana-fillah is exactly the same thing that Meher Baba meant by Manonash, and exactly the same thing that Gautama Lord Buddha meant by Nirvana.

The POV of this traditional Sufi saying is the POV of the God-communed, i.e,, the Karma Yogins, who are doomed by the decree of God on them from the first moment of their individuation to chop perpetually on their relationship with God as if it were a piece of wood. “Make money, make babies, and worship Ivy” is the only kind of attention they can finally have for God. This whole kind of focus is exactly backwards from the real structure of the Path, which, in real fact, is based on the annihilation of everything you have and are, rather than attainment, whether of money, babies, and Ivy or of anything else whatsoever in any world at all.

There is in fact another approach to God that is much faster, cleaner, and more elegant that that of God-communion, because it is consistent with the nature of the Path itself, rather than being a bed-ridden compromise with ordinary human desires. This is the Path of God-absorption. God-absorption is a short path, and it is specifically the Path that yields the Perfect Masters.

What I’ve written here above, in answer to the traditional Sufi couplet, is in real fact the POV of the God-absorbed aspirant. This is a Path on which Union with God is intuited from the very first step, and the person’s experience, then, is that of constant and perpetual frustration about not being able to functionally demonstrate what you know damned well to be true. What makes this Path short is that God Himself also experiences the same frustration, because of His mutual and implicit identification with the aspirant, so He steps in from time to time and simply wipes out whole blocks of presenting limitations for that aspirant. Frankly, this has been my experience throughout my life. I am God-absorbed.

It should absolutely be noted, please, that an individual CANNOT CHOOSE whether he or she is God-communed or God-absorbed. This choice of Path is from God, and it is from the beginning. Yes folks, God is exactly the greatest of all possible despots. He just does this kind of thing to us without even any PRETENSE of inlcuding us in the process. How dare He? More worse, please, how come I can no longer devise a strategy by which to care about what God chooses to do on His own initiative? Have I become so decadent that I can peacefully allow this infinite Being to do what He wants with me and the world? Yes, in real fact, I HAVE become exactly that decadent. Get used to it OK? I’m the one with the grey and white hairs, and I happen to know exactly what I’m doing in this regard.

By the time the God-communed finally are able to directly approach God, after probably several millennia of whining and complaining miserably about difficulties which in fact were not their fault, but which were rigged by God on them from the beginning, they are so utterly exhausted, in every level of all of their bodies, that all they can do, when God finally gives them Realization, is to bop off unilaterally into the state of Divine Bliss, never to be seen or heard of in the realms of duality again.

Not so the God-absorbed. Our Path is straight, short, efficient, intelligible, and effective. Any God-absorbed aspirant who actually practices can experience and demonstrate radical spiritual advancement from one year to the next. At the time of God-Realization in the case of the God-absorbed aspirant, the person is still fresh and ready, after Realization, to come back as a Perfect Master (Satguru).

Meher Baba doesn’t discuss God-absorption in the Discourses, probably because the entire approach in the Discourses basically has nothing to do with it. You can find it by closely inspecting the charts in God Speaks. You will see how short and clean this special Path is.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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